Can we start a revolution? PLEASE!!!! I want to start a JUST SAY NO TO VERIZON campaign. Is anybody with me? ARE YOU WITH ME? I’m only half joking. If I could just get 200 people to stand up and tell them

No more.



There are these things called “lines” and they have crossed, erased, redrawn and then flossed with about 17 of them. They make me fly. ARE YOU WITH ME? WHO’S WITH ME? Please report any Verizon problems here. I will do something. I promise.


  1. I just tried to buy and and both are taken

    I am not at all surprised by this.


  2. Verizon probably owns them so as to deter naysayers of their products.


  3. Verizon, through their faulty systems, gave me a month and half free of DSL. And recently, I just recevied a free copy of Quicken – and all I had to do was not through away some junk-looking mail from them. Apparently, it’s a free gift for being a dsl customer.

    And I was quite annoyed with them when my phone line was off the hook and dsl kept dropping. However, the extended time was mainly my fault. I was too lazy to call in the problem. I finally did, and on a Saturday morning, the problem was fixed. The guy was very nice, and the service was quite prompt.

    So, while Verizon does have some issues, I can’t say I’m upset with them.

    Just my two cents…


  4. We have had nothing but problems. I mean, yes it works but downtime is frequent and the holding time for any help is nearly 20 minutes each time.

    I just don’t understand why it works one minute and then goes down for no reason at all and that it’s somehow our fault.

    I am not pleased with their services at all. I hope I am not alone.


  5. It appears that you are correct, Missy. At least for


  6. yuppie, perhaps we can use the internet at your place, yeah? hehe

    first the shower. now the internet. :)


  7. Verizon SUCKS! a couple of years ago they took over my original cell phone company and proceeded to screw me over. they still claim that i owe them money that i never owed in the first place.

    i got a note in the mail in June saying that there’s a class action suit against Verizon for some reason. i am lazy and didn’t follow up on it, but if i can find that card again, i’ll let you know.

    indeed, Verizon sucks. you are not alone.



  8. you know, all you consumers complain that verizons service sucks, well there are other phone companies out there. go try them. you’ll end up going back to them.


  9. I have used them. I used them many times before. They ripped me off of nearly 400 dollars and didn’t give me the service I ordered. They didn’t give me service at all, actually, but charged me twice.

    This section of comments was from so long ago, I don’t even feel like wasting my time talking to you, especially a you who spells “anonymous” wrong and won’t leave an actual name.


  10. I recently got hosed by this wonderful cell
    provider. Last november i received my cell
    bill “as usual” and they said that i owed them
    over 600.00 dollars, my bill usually is around 200.00 for two phones. I immediatly
    called cust.service to sort out the problem
    the rep. sounded very surprised and said that she would personally look into this and
    get back to me, never heard a word. Luckily
    i got her name and what state she worked out of “yeah right”, so i call back to reach her and they have no idea who she is, now i have to explain everything all over again. Two months later and numerous cust service reps
    “if you can call them that” no one could explain what had happened, they could not provide any substancial paperwork or
    explanation. Billing department couldnt figure it out and they are the bean counters
    who process the minutes. Pretty convienient
    that the bill arrives right before christmas .
    Maybe the ceo’s son or daughter needed a new
    mansion or fleet of vehicles to keep up with the jonses. by the way i forgot to tell you two other people that i know had the same problem at the same time i did. I wonder
    how many others they screwed, Yep our problem becomes their problem the first time we call,”RRRRIIIIGHT”. I could go on and on with other things but i would probobly get carpel tunnel.


  11. who was it? If it were Verizon, I am not surprised. Customer service is HORRIBLE in this country. Sad. Truly. I am sorry to hear about your woes. :[


  12. thanks for the sympathy but no sadness here
    just hatred. 5 months left on contract then
    see ya no more verizon


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