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I could go on and on and on about how much I HATE THIS MAN but I will not. I’m just really glad he’s probably too fat to breed. And if he wins this… I might have to COMPLETELY FREAK OUT. Humans prove stupid. (Thanks Nifkin for the link. Put a news section on what-i-eat).


  1. The man you should hate is his lawyer.

    All together now: “Tort reform, tort reform”


  2. Second refrain:

    “Personal responsibility, personal responsiblity!”

    I’m with you, Mihow, this is just disgusting. “I always thought it was good for you,” he said. “I never thought there was anything wrong with it.”

    Give me a friggin break.


  3. Yes, I hate him too. I don’t like either of them.



    (Much better if I sing it to you, btw).


  5. He’s a poopy pants, and he’s really stoopid to boot. I want to find his lawyer and pelt him with Big Macs.


  6. Poopie Pants Land. I used to have that board game when I was a kid. Hours of fun.


  7. there was a little twinkle of possible hope there before i read it fully, thinking that it would be a suit about misreporting nutritional info – something for which i think any company should be held accountable – but it faded as i realized it was just some guy with dollar signs in his eyes paired with a sneaky lawyer wanting to waste court time on his personal ambition to cash in and get a little fame…

    the french fry mislabelling thing? hell yes, mcdonalds should pay heavily (they have, in fact). this? while is may be sneaky and lacking in compassion for customers and concern over resources and waste, tricking people into believing they need to SUPERSIZE something isn’t illegal… there is a gray area when it comes to responsibility for effects and freedom of marketing, but it’s so grey it’s nearly invisible. it’s shitty, imo, to hire psychologists to assist ad folks in creating a microculture of obsessive consumption, but my own ethics don’t drive this country (and lemme tell ya, it’s a shame!!! hehe), so what i think is irrelevant.

    the suit will settle for a small amount.

    that’s the way it goes.

    and so, the pointless litigation continues in these stupid civil suits…


  8. If the cost of a Big Mac goes up as a result of this suit, and that inconveniences me, can I then sue this guy for suing the fast food people?

    Then when I’m done, can I maybe sue the person who wrote this article, for giving it the tag line “Lawyer Files Suit Over Suet”? Because that was such a bad pun that it made me hurl all over my keyboard, and now I have to buy a new one.


  9. Geez…I’m sorry, but any logical person would know that fast food in large amounts isn’t good for you. I can’t believe I actually even typed this out, because it’s so fucking stupid to even say.


  10. “he french fry mislabelling thing? hell yes, mcdonalds should pay heavily (they have, in fact). “

    by the way, all – this wasn’t in regards to Mr. Tubbo eating a pound of fries per week, but to McDonald’s labelling their fries as vegan when there was beef in the oil…


  11. Now I know why Selma wanted to know “where’s the beef?”


  12. mmmmmm…..oil beef.

    But really, how is this any different than the NURSE in Florida who claims she REALLY DIDN’T KNOW that cigs were bad for her. This wasn’t in the fifties, this was two years ago. She claimed she wasn’t aware up until the moment she was diagnosed with cancer that cigs were in fact bad for your health. A nurse.


  13. That dumbass nurse in Florida also has a room waiting for her in Poopy Pants Land.


  14. Hey randy, do you know the song? The POOPIE PANTS SONG? By any chance? I have not heard of the game. Do share.


  15. yeah, rob, i agree. there are so many stupid, excessive, baseless lawsuits around… there should be major hurdles to jump before being allowed to file civil suits… so there can be more focus put on corporate accountability in the suits that really matter.

    the tobacco stuff, generally, i agreed with. of course, there was a great percentage of folks who jumped on the bandwagon, but there were also those who really were sort of victims, in some sense. the real issue, though, was the lying about and masking of the effects of smoking and the addition of addictive chemicals in order to foster a stronger need in customers… to me, anyway.

    folks simply not knowing? well, that’s only an issue if the company knows and doesn’t make the information available.

    with mcdonalds, etc, they do label their foods on those hardly-noticed menus inside the places. as long as they label it correctly, they shouldn’t be accountable.

    after all, every bakery in america is committing a major crime if selling unhealthy food is illegal… so are the meat industries, dairy, inorganic produce industries, etc. the point in most cases, though, is that ill effects are expected by everyone, so it’s legal and acceptable.

    there can be no accountability for folks doing things that they know are bad for them… as long as that info is disclosed clearly, everything is cool.

    Sorry Mr. Tubbo and nurse Coughington.


  16. Um.

    You mean there really is a Poopie Pants Song?

    If so, I’d love to hear it.

    The game was just a variation on Candy Land. But with poopie pants instead of candy.

    Okay, not really. I made it up.

    (crawls back in his hole again)


  17. Toby, you’re right, the first round of Tobacco lawsuits was warrented. It’s the third, fourth and fifth rounds that are a joke.

    Funny thing is, I don’t smoke, never have. I can’t stand it. But I’m 30 and my entire life I’ve known that smoking will hurt you. But those Truth ads on TV make me want to take up smoking three packs a day just to spite the bastards.

    Actually, now that Melissa and I are buying a townhouse, we’re looking for someone to sue. I’m thinking of falling down some government owned steps. I was clearly not informed of the dangers of steps.


  18. I know someone who bought alcohol when he was 17, got wasted, went out four-wheeling, fell off and actually ran over his own face, and is disfigured for life.

    He sued the couple who owned the liquor store for selling him the hooch, and won a million dollars. The couple have since gone bankrupt and lost their business.

    Something here seems wrong.


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