American Idol

Last night Toby and I darted home (yes, darted) to beat this HUGE, man-eating storm headed right for New York City only to never find said storm. Our plans on viewing Road to Perdition were quickly ruined. Our dinner plans? Destroyed. All for the storm that never came. I guess it all ended up fine. In the end I was able to watch American Idol and some Dateline show on airbags and Nissans and going blind. So all wasn’t totally lost, I suppose. And I’m finding it hard to not spend the next two minutes rambling on about how I feel about American Idol and who (I feel) should win this particular competition:

::cough:: Tamyra ::cough::

but I will refrain from doing so at this time. Instead, I’ll say that the show Scrubs on NBC is one of the most brilliant shows every written or made. It’s like they have the correct equation finally figured out for laughter. Yep, that’s it. Can’t say much about my life right now, so I will talk primetime and get to work.


  1. Scrubs is great, ain’t it?

    What happened on American Idol?


  2. Well, I didn’t finish it because I turned on Scrubs but Nikki didn’t too too well (imo) and even though I love her and I think she’d be perfect (as I can totally see her falling into drugs and sex and drinking and ending up on VH1 Behind the Music like a proper American Idol) she won’t win. But Tamyra is just great. I like to watch her. That Justin kid? Now I can see him selling records and all but he’s SO BORING and freaky. I mean, do we will we really care where he ends up when it’s all over? I don’t. Not at all. I dunno.


  3. Yeah, but he can play Sideshow Bob in the live-action Simpsons movie that you know is eventually going to be made.


  4. ha ha ha!

    well, yes, there is that.


  5. I shut my windows up tight yesterday awaiting
    the mega thunder storms (that never came)
    and instead was created to a sauna/apartment
    when i returned home. Damn weather network Monkeys.


  6. if you dart twice, the second time, are you re-darted?



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