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Ok, so I want a change. I am in need of one. I’m searching for one. And times are rough now, we all know so it’s hard. So what’s a bitch to do? But redesign her websites. Indeed. I would love feedback from ANYONE who ever comes here. If you hate it, like it, what you like, what you don’t like, etc. The design/change will reflect whatever I think is the “better half” but when you’re right there, down in it, sometimes it’s hard to see. So whatever you might like to point out and/or mention, please do so at this time. Are the photos lame? Are they boring? Would you like me to shut the hell up more often? Should I turn it into a naked chicks room? I dunno.


  1. No nekkid chicks.

    I like the pictures.

    I like it all.


  2. No naked chicks room. I like the pictures you do, but you don’t post them all that often, either. I like seein’ what you’re seeing. I live in detroit, mind you, and seeing new york from your perspective is much more interesting to me than myself going there…’cause all I end up seeing is crap like Times Square (I shouldn’t say that, I secretly get all giddy when i’m there ‘cause there’s ads everywhere and I’m a big advertising nerd…totally off the subject).

    Anyway, the only thing I might change is your title page. While it’s good, I want to know this is Mihow’s page. Big, bold, sassy. But that’s just me. And don’t shut up, ‘cause then I might cry.


  3. You have a great point.

    I have a thing with selling myself. I have never been very good at it. I’m my worst enemy and can criticize myself till I’m paranoid and totally freaking out. So I overlook some necessary things at times. I will see what I can do about the boldness.

    I always think my pictures may bore the hell out of people. I tend to forget that what might appear mundane to me (as I see it every day) is not for someone else.

    I shall snap again as much as I used to.


  4. Totally kidding about the naked chicks, btw.


  5. I agree with Megan…you are a graphic designer, no? Design a nice big Mihow logo. I would love it!


  6. you don’t devote nearly enough print to your older brother. That should be fixed.

    And yes to the naked chix room.


  7. and monkeys. More things devoted to monkeys.

    And if they are wearing Fez’s and smoking cigars, all the better.




  9. Yes I did, and I have to say that my second grade report on the Puffin just blew your report away.

    A couple of months ago at the National Zoo, Melissa and I watched a whole gaggle of Lemurs watch a DC rat that was swimming in the moat around their exhibit. It was high comedy.


  10. What’s up with the latest monkey obsession. My friends, Kristin and Kevin are the same way. Is it all the rage now with the kids?

    ::Megan realizes how uncool she really is::


  11. I was into the monkey scene before it was hip. I really don’t like all these monkey-come-lately people that are jumping in.

    It’s lost its indy-cred.


  12. Monkey see monkey do my friend.


  13. quoth mihow: I’m my worst enemy

    get your own damn tag line!…


    and i would like to put in a vote for either a hot chicks room, or a bucket of truth*…

    anyone who wasn’t an avid fan of upright citizen’s brigade right now must think i’m either a complete ass or VERY confused…


  14. rob, i hear mihow did a nice drawering of you when she was in 2nd grade… something with you waving out the window… of the bathroom, maybe… while you were POOPING!!!!!!

    mihow, more of those drawerings of rob, the Poop Monkey.

    and it has to look just like the new XHTML 1.0 Strict-compliant!!!


  15. You dirty little whore


  16. Holy crap

    (Sorry rob) Email: Me:
    Remember that drawing?!

    Of the Harrisburg house and my family?

    I drew you on the toilet in front of that big window. Mom saved it. Still has it. And you were SO MAD! Rob:

    yeah, i remember.

    that big window scared the poop out of me (no pun intended). I was always
    convinced people were watching. That’s why your drawing upset me so.


  17. Just goes to show how strange mihow and I were as kids. There were perfectly good bathrooms upstairs, but for some reason I always used the dreaded “big window bathroom” downstairs.

    Of course, Michele did blow a huge hunk of snot against the bathroom wall that mom later found. She gave us a talk about how some things are just REALLY gross.


  18. ahhhhh yes, the snot episode.

    I sneezed. I knew something came out. I looked EVERYWHERE and found nothing.

    About a week later, (at the dinner table no less) Mom says, “Ok, kids I can deal with most things, pee on the seat, dirty socks etc, but snot on the bathroom wall is not one of them.”

    I never said a word. Not till later. Much later I came clean. And SHE DOESN’T EVEN REMEMBER!



  19. I like the simple layout and the pictures are great. Like Megan said, it’s nice to see New York from your perspective. No naked chicks, but more monkeys would be nice.


  20. What Michele doesn’t mention is that mom and dad blamed me and made me live for the next month locked in a closet with only a saltine and a glass of warm pepsi to keep me going. But I did make friends with the two rats that they trew into the closet with me, so all wasn’t bad.

    At least that’s how I remeber it. But of course mom and dad will say it’s a lie.


  21. BTW, Why is POOP always funny?


  22. we always refered to it as BM when growing up. But I always thought mom was saying beeim. I thought that was it’s name. “Do you have to beeim?” How the hell was I supposed to know that meant Bowel Movement??

    I guess if you refer to it as poop, nothing would get done because the kid would be laughing to hard. “mom said poop! poopy-mom! poopy-mom!!!!”


  23. Do not question the poop.

    Also, being an only child, I got blamed for everything. It sucked. I used to lie and tell my mom that I had to go to the library after school, but they were always detentions…or double detentions.

    I love hearing sibling stories. More! More!
    I wanna hear how mean you were to eachother, the pinning down while spit dangles over the younger sibling’s face…all of it!


  24. LIES!!! ALL LIES!!!!

    No one blamed you. You big freak of nature.

    It’s funny if mentioned. Poop. But if seen or witnessed in any other sense of the word I scream in terror. I’m tellin ya. Certain senses should not be tweaked by poop.

    Sight = No please.
    Sound = If it’s a squeeze bottle I giggle madly.
    Smell = NO NO NO
    Touch = Seek help
    Taste = End your life.

    (My point is?)


  25. As the youngest of this bunch, I don’t have any exciting sibling stories. I just came around several years later and showed them up in everything. Good thing I wasn’t first.


  26. Oh, wait. A repressed memory just came to light. Mihow used to pin me down on her bed and try to kiss me. She would then make sure the kiss would dry on me so I would forever be scarred.

    No wonder I don’t relate to girls now. It’s all your fault you incest monger.


  27. A friend of mine fell victim to the ever so popular (and thrifty) sibling soup way of cleaning kids.

    Put em in hot water—all three of them and stir in some soap. Throw in some toys (to shut the bastards up) and let it roll. Chances are there will be enough fighting, pushing and dunking that they will come out clean.

    Well, on time, someone Pooped in said sibling soup.

    To this day, no one has admitted to it.


  28. That HAS TO BE A LIE!

    I hate spit! I would NEVER DO THAT!


  29. There was a kid we grew up two houses down from. I hadn’t seen him since we were 12 and moved away. Anyway, I meet him again while I was waiting tables in college and he claims he became gay because of Michele. She used to pin him down and kiss him also, very very upseting for him.

    She also hit his younger brother in the head with a rock and in another altercation pulled my cub scout knife on him. Her punishment from mom? Well, mom taught her by taking away MY cub scout knife and hiding it to the point where it was never found again. That’ll teach Michele.


  30. He is such a LIAR! That future homosexual pinned me down! LIAR!!!

    Ahhhhhh vince. His dad made great pizza.


  31. What? Those things happened to me?! Oye. By the way, Rob, I eventually found your knife. And when cutting bamboo with it, I almost sliced off my finger. That I remember.


  32. How were none of you put into foster care?

    Just kidding.

    I am cracking up.


  33. by the way, I think your site should feature a design of naked monkeys pooping.



  34. I was taken to the hospital so many times as a kid with seperated shoulders, elbows ect. that today, we probably would be put in foster care.

    The best one is when I told my kindergarten class that when dad came home he would bang my head against the cabinets.

    (Sounds horrible, but what would actually happen was that I would wait for him to come through the door and then attack him. He would pin my head between his knees and then drag me into the kitchen and pretend to hit the cabinet with my head.)


  35. Speaking of cabinets, remember when I had one pierce my skull? Ahhhhh good times. I was jumping up onto the counter top to get a mug and WAM! Right into my head. Dead center. Ouch.

    I was fine until the blood began to trickle down my head and on to my eyes.

    Damn cabinets. From now on, I will have them removed.


  36. Who will protect our children from the dangers of CABINETS???!!!!

    We should get congress moving on this.

    Because someone MUST THINK OF THE CHILDREN!


  37. hahaha…god, I wish I had siblings.
    For the record, I was offered 237 other children’s siblings in my lifetime.


  38. Mom’s favorite is when you fell down going UP the stairs and hit your chin. You came running in and said to mom “I think I’m dead.”

    Such a drama queen.


  39. and now that Bush is gonna enable to military to make arrests, we can be sure to squelch any subversive cabinet underground.

    as for ‘BM’ i realized yesterday (at his office) that ‘BM’ are the initials of my dear gastroenterologist.

    I wonder if there is a link?

    if so, i guess i’d become an expert on infectious diseases, since my initials are ‘TB’

    rob and yuppie would be experts on RawHide, which is a gay leather bar downstairs from The Chopping Block, on 8th ave.

    as for mihow holding boys down and kissing them, i believe it whole-heartedly. the drying spit thing is especially believable because of her aversion to the stuff.

    she’s been overcome by the guilt of spreading the fluid around in her youth, over-invested it, and now she can’t even swallow her own spit without gagging…

    monkey poop kiss chicks


  40. “I think I’m dead!”



  41. by the way, it was Biden a Dem from Delaware who suggested the military be allowed to arrest civilians. Rumsfeld and the Pentagon said “no way”.

    But, back to the topic:

    When yuppie was a todler, michele and I used to place him in the middle of the room and try to see who he would come to first. We’d be yelling “I’ll give you candy!!” “I’ll let you play with my toys!!” but usually I’d just run up and yank away his pacifier so that he’d crawl towards me.


  42. Sheesh, between that and Mom letting me cry as a baby too “develop my lungs” (What kind of doctor tells a mom that?!), it’s no wonder I don’t trust anyone but myself. People suck.

    Oh, and don’t forget TMI. Stupid morons nuked me in my formative stages! When will this world learn?! Stop nuclear power!(Yuppie has gone Hippie)


  43. Yeah, I forgot about TMI causing that tail you had at birth.


  44. I just got back from the naked people…


    Rob, for your information THAT time I fell down the stairs. And, oddly, they were those dumb wooden ones in Vincents backyard. (Bastard). The time I fell up the stairs I don’t remember as I was super young. I have my scar from the stitches but no rememberance.

    I peed my pants on the wooden stairs too. Made it all the way to those damn stairs and then wizzzzzzzzzz. That sucked.


  45. Hahaha i was raised with 12 other lids in my family….I can well relate to your family of fun :)


  46. Doesnt seem like you got into any trouble though cause you were always the good one:P

    I on the other hand got into it all!! lol


  47. this isnt a real chat room lets go back to the other one :)
    James was fun …and maybe we can talk him into buying:)


  48. See ya on the flip side :} do you need the url ?


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