vacation of me

It’s supposed to rain tonight and I left my windows open (again). My TV and my stereo are among the items beneath said window. We live on a river. Our windows are huge. You might think I’d learn to not leave all my expensive shit near an open window. But you’d be wrong. I’m not that smart. And now, it’s all I can think about, my stereo, the TV and our DVD/CD collection. Zippity dooo da, how annoying.
Speaking of which, I have annoyed myself endlessly lately. I can’t deny it. I wish I could (sometimes) go on vacation from myself. I guess that’s why people do drugs and drink. Is there any other way to reach said goal and not feel like shit afterwards?


  1. yeah?

    I am seriously considering this option.


  2. Prozac/Paxil cocktail.


  3. compulsive masturbation.


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