Ode to the geek

Geek Love

I’m not trying to brag for him, really. I just can’t help myself on this one. Do boys have any idea how hot it is for some of us ladies when they know how to do all that fancy code shit? It’s just like being a rockstar, only remove the axe and replace it with some fancy ergonomic keyboard. And it’s not music per say but instead code. And if I could stand in front of him (if it wouldn’t be just downright annoying) I’d be there (instead of those two lucky monitors) and I’d dance. I would. I would dance around and cheer him on and maybe (if he’s lucky) flash him some goods. I would use my zippo during certain algorithms.

When he sends me these things he works on (and sometimes complains about) it’s like geek foreplay. I can’t even begin to tell him how cool that shit is. I try, I really do, but I think he has no clue.

So here is my dorky, geek-lovin ode to one foxy bitch straight up, midtown workin with his two monitors and his fancy operating system and all his keys strokes, (mmmmm keystrokes).

You is one hot mutha fugger. Can I be your #1 Geek Groupie? You is way too super cool for me. I just make things look pretty. But You? You make it smart. I dig your geek poo, CC Fruit Fruit. I do. Now come down here and gimme some of that hot action (script). Yum.


  1. Ahhhhh. Geek love. So sweet, so fresh.


  2. I get the feeling I am missing out on something important.


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