I learned the definition of the word ‘Irony’ because of the movie Reality Bites.


  1. sing it, sister.

    so did I.


  2. i don’t know what to say.


  3. You should totally break up with her.

    At least we know what “ironic” means. Alanis Morrisette surely doesn’t.


  4. ha ha ha!!

    oh man, i can just see rob over there wishing he could comment on this one. :)


  5. hey rob, isn’t it ironic?

    dontcha think?


  6. ::giggles madly::

    ::waits for email::


  7. From rob. I KNEW IT!

    I HATE Reality Bites with a passion. Worst movie I EVER sat through.

    Oooohhhh that Ethan Hawke character is soooo dreamy.

    But he’s an asshole who treats women meanly.

    But he’s soooo dreamy I’ll ignore his faults so that all the girls can see me on his arm.

    When I catch him sleeping with my best friend, I’ll cry to everyone that I never saw it coming. How could he do this to me.

    Hate that damn movie soooooo much.

    And Allanis Morrisuck has no business having a recording contract.


  8. I wonder, did you hate it as much or more than The Breakfast Club?

    (A film I love and own, mind you).


  9. Anyone who hates The Breakfast Club should be shot.


  10. Yes, well fine taste isn’t genetic in our family. :)


  11. Ok, rob I think I figured this out.

    I tried to post using your name (to paste that email) and it didn’t work. Try using Robert and see what happens. But first you must clear your cookies under preferences for If you care enough. :)

    Could be a three letter thing? I dunno. Jon doesn’t work as well.

    Give it a shot.


  12. well, geuss it works.


  13. GUESS I can’t spell either.


  14. Breakfast Club? I loved it when it came out, now I guess I’m just too old to enjoy it. They are crying little brats who all blame someone else for their problems. My dad is mean, so I taped some kid’s ass and it ripped off skin. My parent’s put so much pressure on me I was going to kill myself with a flare gun (A flare gun!) because I failed Shop Class. They all hate each other until they smoke pot, suddenly they are best buds. Then, to top it off, they take the ONE character who was an actual individual (Ally Sheedy) and turn her into a complete and utter prep who then dates the high school qb.

    Like I said, I loved it when I was in HS. But it makes this old grumpy man vomit when I sit through it now.

    But the soundtrack still kicks ass.

    And I’m not a culture snob, I’ve sat through every moment of American Idol for chrissakes. And when I grow up, I’m going to marry Ryan Starr.


  15. by the way, the wife yells at me when I rip on the Breakfast Club.


  16. What’s the girlfriend say?


  17. Well, obviously the girlfriend agrees completely with me.


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