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Well, who knows. Life is so funny. Life is so odd. When did it happen that money became the main drive in having to make choices? I do so wish things were different. We may have better teachers, better doctors, happier people everywhere. But instead, life is often times made living by the amount of money one needs. And frankly that’s just sad.

How did it get this way? I never intended on getting sucked in. Yes, I do realize living in New York puts a certain necessity on income, but why must one need to make a bloated salary in order to avoid depression, doggy-paddling through life, or just being able to eat a meal out once a week?

And say you don’t take this route, say you take the more noble, I-can-sleep-better-at-night route is that so bad? If you can still live, (even though barely) is that bad? Do folks see you as a failure?

All I ever wanted was to be proud. Money was never a part of the recipe to proud. It’s more of the necessary evil to make life livable. I am bouncing back and forth here. Wondering how we let it get this way. Why create a world that perpetuates an unattainable happiness by way of wealth? I’m not sure what to do. (Robert Frost, you dork).


  1. If you decide to judge yourself based on how much money you make, then many of these meanignless questions can guiltlessly go unanswered.


  2. Buck up, little camper!


  3. Yuppie, I think everyone should be judged not by their salary, but by the size of their apartments…



  4. It’s not the size of the apartment that matters, it’s how you use it.


  5. If shit is deposited in a loft’s toilet and no pipes are there to remove it, does it still smell?

    At least my apartment is ready to go 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Haven’t you been having ‘problems’ with your apartment?


  6. hahaha. got me.

    btw – roberto – i’m repairing that little bug here… you can use your real name now :)


  7. Girlie, if you’re that down and out, please
    refer to your June 3 entry and let the good times commence. :) Hope you feel better.
    Most likely, all of your friends are in the same boat.


  8. “You speak the truth my faithful indian companion” Really, you are very right.



    Thanks, hon.


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