Car or no car

Ok. Car or no car. Do I bid or not bid. This is too much. I go back and forth between thinking,

Hey, you only live once. Just do it. It’s just money.

And saying,

It’s money. (Money). And it’s an old car and you will have to put money into it. And you might run over a bird or something. And cars are mean.

I don’t know what to do. For a long time, I thought it would be great if I didn’t drink so much and smoke so much and I took better care of myself and got some exercise. And now I have accomplished all of that. So I’m also thinking I deserve it—you know as some stupid reward. I’m thinking, if you calculate the amount of money I once spent on booze and cigarettes you would have yourself three cars. Ugh. What to do. Others have real problems and decisions to make (I know this) mine is just silly. It’s just a car. But it’s mine. And we can all be selfish bitches at times. What to do. What. To. Do. :)


  1. car yes, go for it. after 10 years in the city i now own a car. it’s great to have as an option. word of advice: auto insurance in brooklyn is VERY expensive.


  2. Car. Yes. If you hate it, you can always sell it.


  3. What is “expensive?” I must know. :)


    I’m sort of a freak.


  4. ::points to freakgirl::


    YAYA!!! SHE’S BACK!!!


  5. how difficult will it be for you to find a parking space?
    (important question, right?)

    i’m all about cars. they are fun.

    even if they break down a lot and you have to put $ into it often, you at least learn a lot.

    yay cars. :)
    you should try to check your safe driving points or whatever the NY equivalent is. i ended up having to call the RMV to get it, but your insurance costs can vary widely based on it.


  6. I do have parking. Right outside the building. Not right now, because of the carnival which has grown there overnight, but it will be gone again soon. :)


  7. well, of course, the cost is determined by the car and your driving record. but brooklyn ranks among the highest in the nation…. my guess is for an old volvo, and barring any severe infractions on your part recently, be prepared to pay atleast $800 every 6 months.


  8. ah ok. That’s great to know. I thank you.



  9. Hey, intercom65

    Who do you use? If you don’t mind my asking. For insurance.


  10. p.s. stay away from the ferris wheel… it’s very fast


  11. Thanks again. You’re swell.

    I might give them a shout right now. Figure it out. I already phoned my bank. That part is A-ok. Parking. A-ok. And now for insurance. Ugh.

    See, I have a past record with a car. But it wasn’t my fault. I was not even IN the car. But i was still sued because it was my car. So even though I was 30 minutes from the crash my record was affected. So who knows. I dread the worst. :)

    We’ll see.


  12. Holy crap!!!

    Insurance from Geico is more than HALF of what I would pay for the actual car!!! And that’s only for 6 months.

    Me thinks they didn’t want me. That was highway robbery. Ouch.

    jeesh Maybe this ain’t such a great idea.


  13. That’s harsh… but i’m not surprised.


  14. that is painful…i am sorry.

    can you ask around and see what other people use? sometimes the little places are better (cheaper) than the big guys….

    also, you should give aaa insurance a try.


  15. AAA is not a bad idea. I forgot all about them. :) And i’ll need it I’m sure if this all goes through. It is an old car.


  16. I can definately not recommend State Farm Insurance.
    I’m sure that doesn’t help.
    Currently I am using Progressive, they are
    ok, although I’ve never filed a claim with
    them yet. Then again, I am in Missouri, so
    I’m sure the rates are drastically different.
    But I do have alot of speeding tickets!


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