What kind of insurance agent tries to charge more than HALF that of the actual car EVERY 6 months? I could buy a Volvo EVERY YEAR for that price. WHAT THA?! Wow. When reality takes a hold of a blunt object and starts beating you over the head repeatedly you just gotta kinda laugh. Holy cow, that’s just a damn kicker, ain’t it? I called another, they’re getting back to me. We’ll see.


  1. Update:
    Progressive (Not taking claimes in my area. That sounds like a bad sign). But I MAY purchase progressive through another, smaller agency.

    Geico: Holy sweet cow, they want to hurt me. 1625.00 per every 6 months.

    AAA: Not available in NYC for liability only. (the car is too old for everything).

    State Farm: I Am waiting on a call back.

    (everyone here cares for this info I am sure. hehe).


  2. It sucks. My brother brought his car back home b/c of the NYC insurance rates. It sits, license plateless (in NY you have to return your license plates, apparently) behind my parents house. Dormant.

    How ‘bout you take that $ and just start drinking?


  3. You just made me laugh out loud. Good for you, Alias guy.

    I’m thinking that’s a great idea. Screw this sober thing.

    I think NYC might see the ass of me sooner rather than later.


  4. So it appears the going rate FOR BROOKLYN ONLY is 3800 a year. Even if you don’t drive like a total flaming moron, others do. And apparenlty you have to pay for them as well.


  5. I feel like spitting into a fan.

    I’m so annoyed.


  6. park it at my house. ;)


  7. can you register it to your parents’ address, then get insurance rates for there?


  8. I wonder….

    ::looks at bob::


  9. … and try to explain an accident in NYC… when it won’t be hard to find out the driver actually lives in NYC. They may not care, but they could get you on fraud or refuse the claim.


  10. Tort reform. Tort reform. Tort reform.

    Every idiot that sues someone for a hefty sum of money over a minor fender-bender causes the insurance to do what you are seeing.

    And now they are getting ready to sue the food industry over people being too

    Tort reform. Tort reform.


  11. Our address is 1063 Haymaker Rd. You are welcome to move back anytime.


  12. i dunno about that

    but, this might be a stretch, you might be able to get your parents to register the car in their name and insure you on it

    then just pay them the $$

    i dunno if they’d love you enough to do that.

    tort law doesn’t need to be reformed

    it needs to be thrown out completely and started from scratch


  13. Jon, Have you seen how Mihow drives? Way too much risk in that. I hear she drives almost as poorly as her dad. Actually, now that I think about it, it’s her friends that present the biggest risk.


  14. Wow, you are the scariest driver this side of the moon, bob. Indeed. I have tried to follow you. Or have watched Rob try.

    It ain’t pretty.

    What does one expect from an ex drag-racer.

    I have a clean record. I just don’t pick boys out very well. Until now, of course. :)


  15. I never raced in drag – I saved that for the late night sneak outs.


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