This just in from my father….
Dad’s email:

Wooooo Hooooo! State College has arrived. We are getting a Starbucks in the old Manhattan Bagel site.

My response:

Settle down, Homer. It’s not a Krispy Kreme.

Dad’s response:

Forgot to tell you (I called Rob immediately when I heard) Krispy Kreme already announced they were building in the Target or Wallmart shopping Centers. I talked to their spokesperson at a seminar. It just doesn’t get any better than this! I may apply for a job there.


  1. Michele, when you sent out your reply “Settle down, Homer. It’s not a Krispy Kreme”, Melissa still hadn’t received dad’s first email.

    So all Melissa got was that you had sent an email to our entire family saying “Settle down, Homer. It’s not a Krispy Kreme.” Needless to say, she was frightened.


  2. ha ha ha

    oops. too funny.

    does she get it now, i hope?

    Rob, what are you reading? Help Resa and I. (And don’t tell me to read that “Widow for one year” book, it sucked. :)


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