Times Square 360

Times Square at 360 degrees (maybe slightly less). And I can’t help it with the cars. And the friggin people kept moving. I guess you need Tom Cruise to shut the place down for a day. And some of these don’t line up. But it was done quickly. And for some reason the entire image won’t show up for me. hmmmm oh well.


  1. It looks great. Times Square intrigues me. And that part where Tom Cruise is driving down Times Square and it’s completely empty…that is really surreal. That was a great movie.


  2. Everyone talked about how bad that movie was and how much it sucked and I went into (on a Sunday) thinking the absolute worse. In the end, I sort of liked the damn film. It actually made me think a little bit.

    Agreed about that scene.


  3. there’s a man standing directly in front of barcode…

    they made coFFice TAKE OFF his headband before they’d let him in…



  4. Barcode is a scary place. I have yet to go. :/

    Sorry to hear about the headband. Did he lose his head like in those old ghost stories?


  5. well, saying that coFFice “kept his head” needs to be a qualified statement most of the time, but no, he didn’t lose his head…

    he took it off for the bouncer and gave him his brand new cup of coffee so we could all go in. then we got on the escalator and he put the headband back on. then we saw the line there and said “fuck it” and left…

    then we found another bar, and later after that the sake bar l0ve…


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