My new books

Yesterday I visited the bookstore as I finished the other three. I spent about 45 minutes in search of the perfect novel. I asked about Naked Pictures of Famous People. Totally sold out. I completely brain-farted about Cat’s Eye until I got home (typical movie store, music store, bookstore move, forgetting everthing upon entering). I was in search of a brainwash

swish swish

cleansing after finishing that book, “Good in Bed” (which I refuse to link for fear that someone might actually buy it—if you must waste your time, I would love to waste some of mine and send it too you). This next book… it has to be good, or at the very least, decent. If it’s as bad as the last one, I might lose my reading streak. And I am rather enjoying it. Toby said,

Just put it down if it sucks.”

But like that last bit of cake on new-employee day, I must finish even a bad book. This time I left the store with Rick Moody’s, Demonology and Francines Prose’s, Blue Angel. I will go back for the rest. I will write them all down this time, backwards written, on my forehead.


  1. i hate when that happens. same thing with opening winmx (or whatever you use), staring at the empty “search” box, and wondering: oh my god. is there ANY music i like???
    what a horrible feeling. to recap fight club, what band, song, living room set, khakis, etc, define ME as a person. ha.


  2. ha ha ha!

    well put.

    I think I might just order them. That way, I won’t forget it all. :)


  3. ha! blue angel sounds funny. i am trying to pick something new tor ead, i got a gift cert., but i want to be prepared when i walk into barnes & nobles. the amazon description sounds good. :)


  4. mihow, wouldn’t that be a little TOO easy?


  5. Is that what it is? Yes. I think you’re right.

    Instant gratification has taken over.


  6. I’ve heard godo things about Demonology. I imagine Moody’s a safe bet.

    Here are some things that have been highly recommended to me (and that I haven’t gotten around to, yet):
    Behind the Scenes at the Museum by Kate Atkinson
    Straight Man by Richard Russo,
    and I will soon get to Midnight’s Children, which I’ve heard is Salman Rushdie’s best.


  7. If you write it backwards on your forehead, will you remember the mirror?


  8. i’d forget the forehead, but that’s just me.


  9. ha ha ha!

    Missy, thanks. I will check them out indeed. I am a woman of my word. as long as it’s in stock.

    Thanks again.


  10. midnight’s children is pretty good. i haven’t read all of it though. just a chapter here and there. (i tend to do that)

    two things you might enjoy if you haven’t read yet:

    both by Don Delillo.

    The first one is a crazy take on the Kennedy Assasination, from L.H.Oswald’s point of view

    The second is a crazy take on America.


  11. I think my brother mentioned Underworld. Dunno. He’s a reader, that guy. He reads everything. My brother.

    Libra sounds interesting. My friend is a Libra and he ain’t so bad.

    (Yes, this is how I choose books).

    (ok, not really).


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