Superman changing after biking

I am superman. I feel like superman. Only not nearly as strong or cool or manly. And I don’t use a phonebooth but instead a bathroom housing a ferocious black toilet built by evil himself. But I am blue. And there’s more red at home. Given the new rules regarding dress code, I pay more attention to the threads. We rode in today. I wore cutoff shorts, a tank and some Converse All Star sneaks. In my bag I packed a skirt Toby once said reminded him of a Jon Waters’ film, and a the new shoes some folks despise. It’s a predominantly blue outfit. I am predominantly girl-like, it’s predominantly believable that I do indeed know what I’m doing. Faster than a bolt of lightening I am changed to fit code, ready to fight this losing battle called work. I am superman and I can’t do anything.


  1. that’s fun.


    it is kind of good feeling to be two totally different people. or at least i think it is.


  2. Yes. You speak the truth.

    My boss was sort of suprised that I can a) ride a bike and b) ride it over a bridge. I was asked if I rode it in the flowing skirt I have on.

    Silly people. There are ways. There is always a way. If there’s a will….

    My will you might ask? I need to work on my ass. That’s a good reason for the ride.


  3. ha! yay!! that struck me funny. likewise, when i was in school and working, i walked so damn much- the store i worked at was about a mile from campus- and UMass has this massive busing system, it ran all the time- i wish i could have summed it up for people that well. :)

    i always tried to explain it and was never that coherent.


  4. I was saying to Toby the other day, I wonder now (looking back on my waitressing days) how much I walked during the day. It must have been miles and miles back and forth from table to kitchen, down the stairs to the cooler, up again. yeeesh.

    Now i sit on my ass and do stuff on a computer, my nose moving closer to the monitor as it grows behind me. And you people are more real than some of these folks.

    Consider this computer my o table and the bridge the hike to deliver.


  5. seriously- people always bitch about their metabolism slowing down as they age, it starts at the same time that we all get desk jobs, could there be a connection?? naaaa…

    of course, our bodies do slow down a bit as we age, but i always wonder if it is as much as people say….


  6. I wonder that as well. I bet Toby would know this sort of thing. I shall pick his brain later. (He’s very busy these days).

    Off subject, how’s the baby?


  7. awesome, thank you for asking. :) i had a horrible scare the other day because some woman rear ended me on the mass pike. but everything was totally fine. ed and i start our birth classes next week, so i am apparently undeniabley going to be a parent. so weird.

    i’m also at that really “cute” stage where i can no longer get out of deep chairs and sofas unassisted, it totally rocks. ha.

    i read your closing post from yesterday this am, congrats. it is such an amazing thing to have someone that you are completely simpatico with, you and toby sound really happy. :)


  8. resa, glad to hear everything was ok. That woman needs to slow the fuck down, like half the nation, including myself sometimes. :/


  9. thank you mihow :)

    funny thing was that we were in stopped traffic, waiting for an off rmap. she was just totally zoned out. i am often very guilty of needing to slow down or at least stop yelling at the guy in the crown victoria in front of me. driving when other people are near is bad, driving alone or during nonpeak hours is relaxing and awesome. do you miss not driving (due to) living in the city? i would miss it so….


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