Pictures from today. One of these days, with my luck, someone searching for something weird will end up on mihow, see themself, and then kick my ass on the B61. But oh well.


  1. those yellow flippies rule. i need them.


  2. I KNOW! They are/were totally cute. She looked very pleased. :)


  3. I just about peed myself when I saw the “asian girls are pretty hot” thing.

    (because of the thing from yesterday in case you didn’t remember)


  4. that’s why I wrote it :)

    he he


  5. SHUT IT!!!!!!!!

    I know you know what i’m talking about.

    cuz I bitch about it to you, yo.

    World of pain, toby. World of pain. My cue up your ass, right.


  6. I just saw the whole conversation on Asians from yesterday. Too bad I missed it. I was actually doing (self-found and intiated) work at work. I think I’m an expert on this because a.) my gf is Asian (you’ve seen pics of her) and b.) I have a raging Asian fetish. Hell, I’ve never even dated a white girl. It makes perfect sense to have an Asian fetish – the whole submissive thing is worth any weird looks you get. They’re all shy and obedient in public, but a fiesty, sex-crazed hotty at home (no, seriously – at least in my experience). Fortunately, she’s currently in Taipei (hopefully learning to be even more Asian – these 2nders could learn to be a little more FOB) and doesn’t read this site anyway. She’d be upset.

    “If you don’t know me” disclaimer: Don’t always take me seriously. In fact, virtually all of the time, don’t do it.


  7. ha ha ha





    She could take you in seconds flat. I’ve seen it in public. Submissive, my ass.


  8. I just realized I never actually said anything on Asian Fetishes. I guess I want to say, they get my stamp of approval. And you don’t need to take that apparently cancelled Asian meeting class. Somewhere there is a list of 10 ways to keep your Asian girlfriend eternally happy. I should try and find it again, it’s a hoot.

    Anyone learning Japanese to pick up some Asian hotties? I am. Anyone read/see M. Butterfly? Good play. Make any person with an asian fetish read it, and see if they have a clue.

    It’s Friday. I’m bored. I’m typing a lot. England won.


  9. Did I just write, “Submissive, my ass?”


  10. She could take me in seconds flat, but she’ll do it without a scene. So people won’t know – that’s the key. I maintain my manhood. And that’s the most important thing of all in our fetishized-relationship. I feel like a man.


  11. Hey, I too just tried to change my name (to Reverse Twinkie). It didn’t work. Are you not taking care of Tobyjoe well enough?

    My advice to Toby: get an Asian chick.


  12. it’s cookied. if you clear your prefs in explorer for you can change your name.

    Sometimes, when we’re fooling around, I sing “We are siamese if you please, we are siamese if you don’t please” and I wear a tail. He seems to like that enough.


  13. What the hell does beastiality have to do with Asian fetishes? You two make me sick.


  14. ha ha ha ha ha

    oh sweet jesus, I walked into that one.

    Actually, though, I can see how the two are related. I’m going to stop now. I don’t want to give the weirdo search freakos a reason to come back.


  15. Hey brother of mine, (ry) update your blog man. what the hell?


  16. Mom and dad found both of you on the side a dirt road.

    “En-ger-land! En-ger-land!”. I’m glad they beat those diving, pony-tailed hacks.

    The Irish, English and Yanks into the quarter finals would make me very happy.


  17. yes, but she pulled over to drop you off.


  18. I found my way back like one of those cats that makes it halfway across the country after the family moves.

    I followed the scent of your pee.

    (boy, if that sentence won’t get you some bizare search strings.)


  19. I stopped updated the blog after Whacking Day when I realized I have nothing of value to say to the world. Live Whacking Day was something unique, but still rather disappointing. I’ve been thinking about doing a World Cup blog, but by the time I get around to it, it’ll be over. Basically, I needed feedback to think it worthwhile, and I never got any. I’m too lazy to just keep doing it.

    And Rob, why is it everytime I post something, you have to respond with how I’m not a real member of the family? You don’t need to be so jealous of me. If you’re nice, maybe I’ll throw you a bone later in life. Otherwise, have fun with your new, non-Asian wife living a life of DC Mediocrity.


  20. Play nice boys, or you’ll be in the corner facing a timeout.

    Just say no to sibling rivalry.

    (Damn it feels good to be a girlster)


  21. That’s Arlington Mediocrity to you son!

    I got yanked out of the city by my non-asian wife. But I do have a half-siamese cat.


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