Ugly A.M.

What a hideous morning. If it were human, I would make it wear a bag. I had too much wine last night. It was either that or the garlic. My head is full, near ready to pop like a huge teenage zit. My stomach feels uneasy and my skin is tired. My hair looks like straw. I ran into a wall near the bus stop. Enough of that.

Yesterday I was annoyed. I won’t deny that. I hated the shirt I was wearing and the internet turned into Captain Howdy and then it took over my mind and I felt just angry. My shirt was annoying to look at and annoying to the touch and I think it smelled, though that could be my addition due to the other two. It was 4 p.m. and I just felt mad. But even more so because I bothered Tobyjoe about it. Who really just wanted to do his job and not deal with “Melrose Place” (as he called it). But he came through, took care with one hack, made things happen. And it was sweet. (Sidenote: I never thought that site could but put with the word ‘sweet’ but these are new times indeed) Never-the-less, I was so annoyed with me I went shopping and bought a new shirt in search of a new me, I settled.

I am now wearing that shirt. And damnit, Janet, I do love it. So I just ate yesterday and made out with today, even though she did slap me with a wall. Today’s looking pretty hot, even though she’s crying.


  1. And the damn sun just came out. YAYA!


  2. I want to see a picture of the new shirt.

    I too had much wine last night; trying to forget most of yesterday. It worked. But today the head is a bit tender and the tummy is a bit angry. But it will all be fine.


  3. Yes, I hear ya sweet sista. It is ugly it is.

    But I’m ok with it too. :)

    I thought about you while I was drinking my wine. Figured you might just be doing the same.


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