Wall writing

I will write it on the bathroom wall at a bar in Manhattan. It will be on the right wall if you’re facing the door. It will be above the toilet tissue dispenser. It will be written in blue ink. I will try not to smear it, but I’m afraid to sit down and relax. One never knows what might be on that seat. I will write


above the rest, so you will know it’s from me. Take a lighter in there with you, it’s often dark. There might be a line, but I’ll try and make it worth your wait. While you’re in there, and only after you’ve read it, look in (what is left of) the mirror. Don’t look too long, others are waiting.
After you have left, take a pen (color of your choice) and write something elsewhere. When you are finished, give me a hint. I’ll seek it out and give it meaning. We’ll do this because little to nothing else makes much sense.

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