<a href="; target="blank”>C__ is a vegetarian. Did I mention that? I found that out. There are a few strikes against her now, I have deduced she is the one. There are many many meatball subs and chicken liver bonanza bagel belly stuffers. There are weenies and burgers, steakovers and parts, but my little gem was the only one featured sans carne. Indeed. I will now hang this up. Case closed.

brushes off hands

nods head


  1. nods back

    Job well done detective. You’ll be stationed in homocide next.


  2. A very large quantity of vegetables must have given up their lives!!!!!!

    Consider me a non-believer. Fast food would be my bet.


  3. Are you suggesting I reopen this case, bob? ARE YOU!?


  4. No! She is probably the one if you believe it. I just doubt those results are from VEGGIES and VEGGIES alone.


  5. beer is made from veggies. well from grains…. and it’s.. umm… enlarging…


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