Bitch lips

NifkinHasaPosse: ummmmm

NifkinHasaPosse: what are bitch lips?


  1. i only pray that the answer doesn’t involve prison…


  2. :: raising hand ::

    I would kind of like to know what bitch lips are, too. I think. Maybe not.


  3. bitchlips are an interesting “thing” really. they are easier shown then explained.

    Though, I will try.

    Bitchlips (adj): When one’s upper lip is tightly kept beneath one’s nose. Said lip pulls upward slightly forming a near “pucker”. Helps in the achieving the constant look of :
    A) constipation
    B) disgust and judgement
    C) “I am the biggest bitch alive and your shoes are ugly and my vagina is powdered 24/7”
    D) “Peeeeee ewwwww, who pooted?”.

    (syn: “Sorority girl snarl” or “hoochie, bitch hairlip”)

    I will try and find a picture.

    (someone should vote me off the internet)


  4. “pooted,” bwa ha ha


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