On Sunday night, ABC began to rerun all the Alias in order in which they were aired. And, of course, I watched the first episode. I am sorry I took mister alias guy’s time last week in explaining the show to me (very well, I might add), because the first episode gave me the rundown, (not that I knew it was going to be on). Anyhow, now that the practice is over for the season and whatever else I used to watch, I will tune in as Sundays are always relax and watch TV nights.
The creators of this show are indeed very clever. They have made it super easy to dress this little hot, female action figure in as many different costumes as there are fetishes, locking hopeful viewers in each and every week.

First epsiode: Hot, artshow girl.


  1. Actually, I think that this weeks was the 6th episode (according to the ABC Alias page and the yahoo tv schedule). In the first one, her fiance was killed.

    Knowing ABC, they won’t show the episodes in order – wouldn’t want to hook in summer viewers.

    The Practice has gone a bit over the top for me.

    I did watch Law & Order Sunday show. Private Pyle from Full Metal Jacket is still a little creepy – in that way where you have to keep watching.


  2. DamniT!

    Ok, well that sucks. Question, why not hook in summer viewers?

    You just totally nailed why I come back to Law and Order and mister Private Pyle. He was that creepy in The Cell as well. Next thing you know he’ll be trying to kick David Letterman or claiming he was raped by his
    her and he’s gay for a week.


  3. Sorry. I was being sarcastic about not hooking in summer viewers. Networks are stupid. And I’m a smart ass.

    I’ve only seen part of the Cell. I can’t begin to discuss it. He also was oddly likable and creepy in The Whole Wide World.

    Ok, who kicked Letterman? And became gay for a week (other than Ellen’s ex)?


  4. I like smart asses. good good. Sorry I didn’t see that. :)

    Yes, you’re right. Anne Heche. And Crispin Glover is just weird (funny, but weird). He was thrown off Letterman for attempting to show off his kicking skills. Only it very nearly blasted Letterman in the face. there was a sudden commercial break and when we “returned” he was no longer a guest.


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