choose your battles

I think the most I have learned between the ages of 20 and 28 is how to choose my battles. Too many times I have been driven to levels of frustration of a near blindness ruining my day or my night. What a waste of time some of that was. And now, if I get all riled up, instead of lashing out and spreading rumors or filling already polluted air with more of my own, I generally just ignore it and wait for stiller waters. I have many of my own inner battles to fight, and only half that in energy to spare.
Sometimes, words or ideas fall on deaf ears. And you just gotta say fuck it. It’s like when a client chooses the shitty concept over the better version and then makes a hundred revisions only to say (in the end) they never really liked the idea to begin with. Then you gotta wonder, “was there anything I could have done to make this go any smoother?” Probably not.
But, damnit, I so want to change the world. Even only so very slightly. I want to make people think twice before leaving the bathroom and not putting a new roll on the dispenser. (To the asshole who didn’t think of other assholes to come please fill her up first. Thanks).

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