Star Wars Half Marathon

I’m supposed to run a half marathon on Sunday and I am NO WHERE near capable of doing anything remotely close to what I have done in the past. I suffered from a stress fracture and broken toes back in January and stopped running/training for 8 weeks. I stopped everything, except for eating. I did a lot of eating. I have been running a bit again lately, biking a lot more, but nothing like what I should be doing at this point. I ran four miles yesterday in the heat and had to walk a great deal. It was rough.

I’m not sure what to do. Do I “run” it anyway and just have fun and walk whenever I need to? Or skip it entirely and just know that one day I’ll be back to where I was before?

I wish I’d had the wherewithal to have signed up for the 10K. That seems much more approachable. I’m nervous as hell right now.

I’m also 15 pounds heavier than I was in December. I need to change my ways.

Rambling. Hoping I’ll look back on this down the road and be in a better place.


  1. Pace yourself with your Dad – he’ll like the company.


  2. Do the run. I’m in a similar boat, I ran my first half last September and did better than I ever expected. I then straight away signed up for one this July. I’ve put on 5kgs, and moved to a much more humid state and after the move almost had to teach myself to run all over again. I’ve accepted that there is little chance I’ll do as well this time around but realised that completing a half in no matter what time is still incredible.


    1. I did! It was awesome! Pics to come.


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