A Post About Poop

Hey internet, it’s me, the girl who can’t seem to find time to post. It’s been crazy around here lately. But I have a favor to ask, if anyone is actually reading this. I need your help. It’s about poop, or lack thereof.

Walter is a breastfed baby. Although, I do supplement. He probably receives 80% breastmilk, 20% formula, some weeks a lot less formula depending on how much I’m away from him.

Anyway, he poops every 5-7 days. And the days leading up to pooping are tough on him. He complains, fusses, he just seems unhappy. And I’m not sure how I can help, IF I can help.

Also: this is normal, right?

When Em was a baby it seemed as though he never stopped pooping. Elliot pooped regularly as well–maybe every three days? But Walter, he’s different, granted he also breastfeeds more often than the other two. (Em was mostly a formula-fed baby.)

Anyway, if you have any insight, that would be great. We are going on day 6 right now and he’s not very happy. So, I’m just looking for a little comfort and then maybe I can give him some.


  1. Congrats on growing a big healthy baby! I’m fairly certain that pooping every 5-7 days is a variation of normal. Maybe consider giving an infant probiotic (put it on your nipple like a paste or add it to a bottle) and also taking one yourself (or eating lots of kefir, kombucha, yogurt). This is a nice blog post on the gut, microbes, and poop: http://holisticibclc.blogspot.ca/2011/06/gut-microbes-and-poop.html?m=1


    1. Thanks! I’ll get on that ASAP. I think we have some left from a recent sickness Elliot had. Assuming it’ll work for Walt. And I have been dieting lately, eating tons of veggies and proteins. Might be upsetting him as well. I think I’ll introduce more fats.

      Poor guy. It’s hard, this poop thing.


  2. Probiotics!! Get the drop ones. Expensive, but worth it.


  3. I remember Ruby was on a similar schedule to Walt, and rarely pooped while she was exclusively breastfed. She would be so happy for days, then get squirmy and more fussy, and that’s when I knew it must be Poop Day. Breastmilk is so perfectly tailored for your baby, with some littl’uns, there is very little waste to pass.

    In fact, when Ruby started pooping more often, and her weight gain really slowed down, I knew my breastmilk was no longer doing the job and I would have to switch to formula soon (the same thing happened with her big brother, so I knew what was going on).

    Warm baths can really help with tummy aches, and might help move things along too.


  4. I mixed pear juice (a very tiny bit) into my daughter’s bottles to help her stay regular. They sell 3 oz. bottles of pear juice in the diaper aisle. Worked like a charm for her. You probably want to use more at the beginning and the figure out just enough to keep him comfortable.


    1. I think that might be wise. He’s just so sad on poop days. And it seems painful for him. :[


  5. We had similar problems for a short amount of time with our first. Our doc recommended a little bit of prune juice and it did the trick. Best of luck! I remember how awful that was…


  6. We also used prune or pear juice to help Em along. She went 8 days between bm’s and we tried to help her along with tummy time, warm baths, juice, and ‘other stuff’ (things that are not fun for anyone involved) but was okay’d by her dr. in limited use.

    As she’s gotten older we use Plum Smart juice to help her stay regular.


  7. You guys, thank you so much. I am definitely going to try the prune/pear juice idea. He’s almost 11 weeks old, so I think it’ll be safe.

    Cindy: I think I know what technique you’re referring to! Maybe. There are a few it could be. We tried one of them on Em and oooo boy. My own mother told me about the other one. I guess she had to use it on one of my brothers. (I won’t mention WHICH brother because sometimes the read here!). Apparently it works!

    But I think I’ll try the juice first. Judging by his face whenever I give him baby gas drops, he’s gonna LOVE the juice. :]

    Thanks again, guys! I am hoping to share with you his birth story as well. It’s interesting!


  8. Also: We are on day 7 and no poop. Sigh.


  9. BioGaia probiotic drops (you can get it online or some pharmacies carry it in their refrigerator–no Rx needed). You put it directly on your nipple. Helped my second little one immensely and I have been a probiotic convert ever since!


    1. You think they have it at Whole Foods?

      Edited to add: was able to get the powder. And got some prune juice. Thanks all!!


  10. My daughter was breast fed and had similar issues, I would break open a probiotic cap and dip my fingertip in the powder and have her lick it off my finger right before I fed her. She would poop an hour later. Good poop vibes.



    Gave him the probiotics and wythin two hours: POOP! He’s so happy now. And exhausted. It’s kind of like he gave birth! Thank you again!


  12. This is one of the more awesome comment threads I’ve read in a long time.


  13. Yay! I also give my kids probiotics if they have to take antibiotics (they were both really prone to ear infections) and it totally prevents the diarrhea they used to get with them.


  14. Autumn Canter June 8, 2014 at 7:24 pm

    My neighbor’s, who is practically my sister-wife, #4 child has this problem and he is exclusively breastfed. She gives him apple juice daily and he can poo. I’m not sure this is something I would do. Works for her and he likes it.


  15. I imagine once you hit number four you’re like, “here, have whatever you want.” Because I’m inches away from doing this with number three.

    Hell, apple can’t be more sugary than prune, no?


  16. Michele Hermanson June 8, 2014 at 8:11 pm

    My kid had epic constipation for about 5 years and I’ve tried everything under the sun. One doctor recommended having her sit in a bath of epsom salt (I think it was like 1/4 – 1/2 cup of salt in the bath water) — it apparently helps relax the muscles and the kid might poop right there in the tub. I did find it helpful sometimes, but not all the time. Worth a try, though, on those days when your guy is struggling.


  17. Autumn Canter June 11, 2014 at 7:15 am

    Apple juice is better than the pain of straining to poop. :) I think Walter would agree.


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