1. So cute! And getting so big! Hope everything is going great, must be crazy busy with three little boys… :)


    1. It’s insane. I’m 100% of the time exhausted.


  2. My two are 5 and 3, but I often have my 3 year old niece as well, and that’s tiring enough. I can only imagine how it would be with an infant! Things will hopefully get a bit easier for you soon, the first while with a new little one is always tough!


  3. Fra-gee-lay! It must be Italian!


  4. Hahah! You nailed it!


  5. I’ve been a longtime reader and haven’t checked in for a while – life with two toddlers and international move (back to the States) has limited reading my favourite blogs! Congratulations on darling Walter. I’m pregnant with my third and am convinced it’s another boy and would be thrilled. Life with 3 boys looks scrumptious! Elizabeth x


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