Murray and I Thank You!

I would like to thank you for rallying together on here, Facebook and on Twitter in order to help me get 250 votes for Mission Small Business. I surpassed that amount earlier this morning. I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful I am. If it weren’t for you guys, I never would have had a chance.

Murray thanks you too.

My lollipop giveaway is still going on and will be open until midnight tonight. At that point, Toby is going to run a script that will pull out all of my comments, remove any duplicates, and then randomly choose THREE winners. (I upped it to three because I was feeling groovy.) I will announce the winners tomorrow. I’ll also be contacting each winner via email to get your address.

Who knows, maybe you’ll get REALLY lucky!

Anyway, I’m throwing some pictures and videos your way as a small token of my gratitude.

Many of you who helped me out are crazy cat people like myself. (Thanks, Lisa! For one!) So, here’s a short video of Elliot and Murray. These two get on very well.


You know, it pains me that people give up their animals (particularly cats) when they have a baby. I know it’s difficult at first, but things fall into place. Trust me, it’s MUCH harder on your pet dropping it off at a shelter than it is if you just have to ignore him or her for a while as you adjust to parenthood. Your pet will forgive you. I swear. If you do hang in there, you will see amazing things start happen between your kids and your pets. Things like this happen. Or this. And my personal favorite, this.

Keep your pets, people! They are awesome companions for kids. We’ve gotten so much joy from them.


Here’s a video of Elliot dancing! Kid digs reggae apparently. (He dances constantly.)

Here’s another short video of Em and Elliot on the playground playing in the water. Elliot wasn’t too keen on the water. He’s polar opposite of Emory, who used to let it smash him in the face. Elliot also doesn’t like the feel of grass or sand. I have another video of him screaming for a minute and a half in the sand at the beach.

Emory has been building forts lately. He built one on our couch and then we went for a walk. When we got back, this was happening. (Inside view, outside view.) What a freak.

Thanks again for all your help! The grants will be announced on September 15th. Crossing every finger and toe I’ve got.


  1. OK! You sold me on a cat. But, it looks like I’ll need one of your kids to complete the entertainment value. You can choose which one.


  2. So, you’ll adopt a cat if I give you one of my kids? It’s a good morning to request this! The almost 5-year-old is pressing every button I’ve got. Orphaned cat and child will be delivered to you this afternoon.


  3. Dad, if you take one of her kids and a cat you have to take a kid and cat from me.

    It’s only fair.


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