The Chase Is On. (A Video)

Remember this video from a couple of years ago? I have a new one in the same vein. Unfortunately, I cut off the end somehow, but this is how it goes every night lately around these parts.

These are my boys:

Here’s another one:

Rest assured, Murray still gets to chase Em around as well. No one here will ever forget about Murray even if Murray wants us to forget about Murray. He’s a VERY popular kitty cat these days.


  1. I love the relationship between brothers. My guys do this a lot but they are both running now. At least Emory stops screaming when you ask him to. Our oldest still needs to be reminded a few times!


  2. Watching them chase one another and laugh just made my afternoon. :)


  3. Oh, Randi. NO. Em does NOT listen when we ask him to stop screaming. This time he must have just wanted to on his own. Otherwise, he’ll ignore us entirely.

    It’s a work in progress with many time outs.


  4. What great videos. I love this. Those two boys are just crazy for each other!


  5. Oh, this is all sorts of sweet! You totally make some adorable babies, there.


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