Elliot Has A Bath In The Kitchen Sink

Isn’t he cute? I’m biased, it’s true. But I want to eat him every minute of every day.

He’s now 9 months old! Why does time fly so fast after you have kids? SLOW DOWN, LIFE.


  1. CUTE! I love the grin! (Obviously, you are not biased).


  2. He is adorable – even to those of us who aren’t biased. I have a six month old daughter and it is already unbelievable how time flies!


  3. He’s so damn cute I want to eat him up too. Man are you a lucky mom! I just went through a box of Annie’s baby clothes, it seems at the same time like yesterday and also a million years ago.


  4. OMG! That is too cute.

    I got out the twins’ baby book last night and just sat and cried … they are 14!

    The time flies!


  5. Oh, look at that smile! You and Toby makes some awfully cute kids. I’m due at the end of January with a boy and my husband’s favorite name right now is Elliot. :)


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