Elliot. Emory’s Black Eye.

Elliot and Toby. Elliot started laughing and smiling a week ago, which has made life all the more awesome.

Elliot. Five weeks. (He turns six weeks today!)

Emory and his latest black eye.

He got this jumping over a broomstick. At one point, he tripped and hit the coffee table. I had warned him, and should have stopped him like a good parent, but he was pretending to ski and was having a great time. I felt terrible.

Anyway, later, when folks began asking him how it happened he casually answered, “I got hit with the broom.”


  1. Kids. They always says the darndest things! They are both so handsome Michele! I can’t believe how much Elliot looks like Emory! My boys look NOTHING alike! Have you done a side by side comparison of their baby pictures yet? :)

    I’ve let my oldest do silly things like jumping over broomsticks too. He got hurt falling over in a laundry basket and had to get stitches. Um, yeah. I still think I’m a good mom!


  2. You have such sweet looking kids! Elliot smiling and sort of waiving is so cute!


  3. Like @randi up there I just can’t believe how much the boys look like each other! Both such sweeties too – you can tell just by looking at them somehow that they are both going to be lovely boys.

    As for saying bizarre things, my daughter told my parents the other day that we don’t feed her on Tuesdays. She is only 2 and I have no idea where this came from because we DO in fact feed her every day of the week. Luckily it was just to mom and dad! :)


  4. Elliot is gorgeous! Is it me, or does he look quite a bit like Emory?

    Did you ever find a solution to wearing him/putting him down? I felt like with both kids six weeks was a turning point. Yay! So maybe this is moot now?

    And how is nursing going? Boobs all healed?

    Sorry about Em’s black eye. He is adorable even with it. He’s sporty!


    1. Molly: Yes, I DO see the similarities, especially in pictures.

      Regarding putting Elliot down? A friend sent me her Maya sling and I am sorta getting it to work. I wear it sometimes around the house, but not out just yet. But what has worked REALLY well? Belly down. If this kid is put on his tummy in his crib during the day? He’ll sleep for over an hour. (He’s in there now, has been since 10 AM.)

      Nursing is going very well. They are healed and things could not be better. And thank you! Em is amazing and wonderful. He’s my angel.


  5. Holy Mackerel, woman. You make beautiful children!

    I’m so glad things are going well for your family. Makes me smile. xo


  6. Glad you are settling in to the routine of two. I wish I had mastered the sling it would have been easier. My sister started making them and I used one after my youngest was 18 months or so and loved it.


  7. No, a ‘good parent’ wouldn’t stop him. That doesn’t teach anything, and he’ll just go and learn that lesson some other time ;) Of my brothers & sisters (2 families), the ones who were allowed to play, build things, use tools and make swings and mess around outside without being clothed in cotton wool, have grown up to be the most capable adults. And honestly, the other 2 can’t do a damn thing for themselves! They were so accustomed to being told no, or be careful, or don’t do that, they never had their own common sense or instincts. But you don’t see the effects of that til later on in life.

    I’ve got a couple of scars from my adventures – not a broom, but a tree (and a bike, and a wall, and a folding chair..,) but I don’t regret a single one. I’ve got some amusing tales to tell :)


  8. Yeah, Mihow! We do belly down, too. I had to get over the whole SIDS, Back to Sleep campaign, I’m a bad mom thing, but it really works for our baby (and continues to work for him at 12 weeks old). I have tried turning him onto his back once he’s sound asleep, but the flailing limbs seem to rouse him immediately, so it’s Belly to Sleep for now…until he starts daycare next week.


  9. Your boys are just adorable and look so much alike!

    I love all the little “stories” that kids think up to tell people. So cute!


  10. Yay for naps! So glad everything is going so well. Maybe just flip him back over by two months since SIDS risk is highest between 2-4 months. That was my co-sleeping goal–have her out of the bed and into the co-sleeper by two months, though we did a lot of back and forth for a long time anyway. Now she’s in her crib and sleeps worse! But she outgrew the co-sleeper and I outgrew her sleeping with me! Oh, well.



  11. “I got hit by the broom.” Clever use of the passive voice!


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