Tuesdays With Murray (Chapter 143) Micro-TransCations!

There’s something sneaky being built into many iPhone and iPad apps. It’s called “micro-transactions”. Some parents have discovered micro-transactions the hard way. Their child was playing with a free app and suddenly they’re charged $60 dollars for a bucket of “Smurfberries”. Yeah, not cool.

There’s a game Em likes to play featuring a talking cat named Tom who repeats everything Em says. He doesn’t play it all that often because it’s annoying as hell for mom and dad, but when he does, we have to keep a very watchful eye on him due to those pesky micro-transactions.

Now, before all you kidless, fur-parents get all high and mighty, micro-transactions are being built into games made for cats, too.

Exhibit A:

I know, right? Murray almost done broke the bank!

Beware, fur-parents and human-parents alike! Those sneaky iPad/iPhone developers are out to get us!


  1. Tell Murray I need a new TV.


    1. He will definitely buy one quicker than you AND my husband (who researches everything to death).


  2. Exhibit A has nothing after it on my screen (Firefox, Windows 7)


  3. Erg. Damn. Sorry! Should work now.


  4. Hmmm, note to self…. change pass word on my phone so Mary Mac can’t download apps and spend us into the poor house :-)


  5. Haha, awesome!
    We also keep eyes on the kids when they play on the iPhones/iPads. You just never know.
    I’ll warn my fur owning friends about this. :p

    (And, as I said in the recent thread on DC that you’re mentioned in, I miss you! Hope you’re well.)


  6. I got that app for my cats. I showed it to Stitch, and his little eyes darted around, following the mouse everywhere on screen, but not once did he touch it. I let him watch again but this time ‘caught’ the mice myself – he looked at my hands, looked up at me like I was stupid. LOL

    That cat even gets his servants to catch virtual mice :P


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