Not only did I pass my gestational diabetes test, but I did so every hour by quite a bit. Awesome, right?

So, here is where I confess to something.

I did something before the 1-hour test that may have messed with my numbers a bit. When I admitted this to my mom and husband, both said, “You’re a moron!”

You ready?

The morning of my 1-hour glucose test, I may have consumed a fruit tart I had made in pastry class. Said fruit tart was made with homemade pastry cream. (The kind with a lot of sugar, cream and butter.) It was also made with flour and butter and fruit. I know! That’s probably pretty sugary, right? I had that at 7:30 AM.

But to my credit, I asked and read up on this. Everywhere I looked said NO NEED TO FAST before the 1-hour test. Even the nurse told me I didn’t have to fast. In fact, everything I found suggested one eat normally. So I thought, it’d be fine.

I also had a little bit of cereal at 9 AM. That’s more normal for me. So I thought that’d be OK as well.

Drank the orange soda at 10:30 and by 11:30 I was ready to go.

I’m thinking that had something to do with it. While everyone and everything said I could eat normally, I don’t normally eat fruit tarts for breakfast.

However, I asked the nurse about whether or not eating beforehand would have messed with my numbers and she said probably not. So who knows? Maybe I’m not that big of a moron.

Anyway. I passed. I am pleased. I’ve been eating really well since I got the news that I failed. I’ve been eating a low carb diet, barely any sugar. But I think I earned some freaking cake. Or pie!

OMG! I have class tonight and we’re making croissants. I will have two.

Thank goodness.

Now I must work on the anemia.


  1. Hee! Congrats. The second trimester of my wife’s first pregnancy was memorable because of her instinctive avoidance of anemia. One week went like this. Day 1: “Honey, let’s have steak tonight!” “Ok, anything for you and Future Fetus!” Day 2: “You know what? I think, hmm, I would like a steak tonight.” “Oh, we jus… okay!” Day 3: “It seems like a long time since we had steak.” “Um, honey, it’s kind of exp…” “MEAT. NOW.”

    After that I led with the spinach, big time.


  2. There are so many non-meat foods that have iron in them. Seriously, you can go to a site like healthy eating club and find them – which I had to do for my dad because he has a heart condition and was anemic. He is also in his 80’s and cranky, so variety and sneaking stuff in was the key.


  3. Oh good! Hooray!

    Now I can suggest the blackstrap molasses as a good source of iron!
    Here’s a great recipe:

    I make them into bars instead of cookies.


  4. Good news lady. Pie it up! I think having gestational diabetes and having to bake yummy desserts and then NOT EAT THEM must be one of the circles of Hell.


  5. Yippee on the passing of the three hour test! Excellent news. Now, you don’t have to eliminate cakes from the diet!

    As for iron…my brother and I are both prone to anemia. He is a big meat eater, I am a vegetarian (just to show the meat-eaters get it too!). Anyway, ever since my last anemia-issue, I have really made an effort to up my iron-rich foods and I haven’t had a problem in years. Now, I am not pregnant, and I know that changes things, but you don’t have to eat meat to take care of it (unless you want to, of course).


  6. First off – yay!

    Second – my nurse told me I didn’t have to fast before the one hour test, but she also told me that if I ate any carbs or sugar that I would fail it. She said if I were going to eat anything before the one hour that it should just be protein and *maybe* a piece of whole grain toast. I just decided to fast instead as my test was first thing in the morning. So I bet that’s why you didn’t pass the first one! Too bad your nurse didn’t fill you in on that – could have saved a lot of worry! And googling!

    But yay to passing! Now you really should go to Magnolia bakery. :)


  7. Definitely yay! I’m happy and relieved for you that you passed.

    As a lifelong anemic, I have to say that what you eat makes all the difference (for me it’s the difference between feeling weak and feeling good). I was vegetarian for 2o years, and now mostly don’t eat meat. Meat is a quick fix, but a combo of excellent veggies will really do wonders. I find vitamins and iron pills get me by, but I always feel better if I eat my veggies, with a lot of variety.

    Last year when I had chemo, I was eating about 6 lbs of broccoli a week, and about the same in braised kale/chard/spinach.

    One of the cool things is that some foods that don’t seem rich in iron really are. I am a huge fan of curry, and I think it’s only partly because I it’s so delicious. Whenever I am feeling low energy, I crave curry like mad. Curry and garam masala are a great source of iron. Also thyme, rosemary and beans, lentils, sunflower & sesame seeds, cashews.

    ok, I am officially hungry now. :)


  8. Congrats!

    I also failed my one hour and passed my three hour… the second time around.

    You see, I was pregnant with twins, and my “morning sickness” (read: all day sickness) lasted way past my first trimester. So 2 hours into the 3 hour test…. you guessed it, yakked all that vile stuff back up. So it voided the test and I had to come back the next day and do it ALL again. Yuk!

    Glad you only had to do it once & that you passed.


  9. Congratulations! That’s really great news about the croissants. Oh, and great about the test, too.


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