One More Draw!

It’s 10:55 AM. I’m writing from my iPhone.

I’m starving.

I’m sitting in the waiting room at my OBGYN waiting for my final blood draw which takes place at 11:47.

I’m starving. Did I mention that?

I drank the cola flavored drink today. A first for me. It wasn’t terrible but that could be the desperation talking.

There’s a bag full of last night’s dinner at my feet. The “pillow noodles” (family term for ravioli) are calling my name. Especially since I skipped them last night in hopes of being a good girl. What did I have instead? Spaghetti squash with feta and tomatoes.

Excuse my language but I’m gonna pass this fucker.

Borrowed Toby’s iPad and started reading a new book called Love Medicine. So far, so good.

This experience hasn’t been too, too bad but the baby’s been losing his mind. He finally quieted down. I think he’s asleep. I suggest this because I’m about to fall asleep.

Crashing hard. Want my daily allotment of coffee.

Want cake.

My veins are closing up, or I’m drying up from lack of liquids. That part does suck. I’ve been poke more than 3 times already due to closed veins. Oh well. Doc said the forth time will be worse.

Perhaps this is why I went through all those fertile treatments? My fear of needles is a distant memory.

Writing to keep from falling asleep.

Hope I pass this fucker.

P.S. Thanks for all your kind words, suggestions over the last few days. Y’all are amazing. This is why I blog.

Update: After my test was complete,  I joked to my doctors that I would be hitting Magnolia Bakery and consuming as many cupcakes as they’d serve me.

Instead, I had this:

It’s black bean hummus, red peppers, avocado, radishes, and lettuce on a thin piece of bread. All for around 440 calories from Le Pain Quotidien. I had a cup of coffee and held the sugar. (Since getting pregnant, I, for some reason, suddenly like my coffee with sugar.) I was SO PROUD of myself, I made banana bread the moment I got home.


  1. I had them draw out of the back of my hand the last draw. It hurt a lot, but so much better than starting over.

    I did the fertility treatments too (tejo14 @ dooce), so also, no longer scared of needles.

    You are almost done, I’m sure you will pass.


  2. Ack. Blood draws. I had an ectopic pregnancy which was treated with methotrexate and that required way too many blood draws (at least weekly, often bi-weekly). Anyway. Boo blood draw.

    But your lunch. Oh lord. That looks delicious. I want it right now. I think it might serve as an inspiration for dinner tomorrow night….


  3. I also need sugar in my coffee ( and am 26 weeks preggo) I always loved it black but now can’t stand it :( I hope that changes after this pregnancy. That picture of your lunch made my mouth water!


  4. Hope you passed with flying colours – I’m sure you did!

    And I hate all of the things on our plate in the picture BUT they look absolutely amazing! Delicious even!! If I was close to that place I might actually order and eat this. :)


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