NaBloPoMo: Old TV Show Theme Songs.

Earlier today I went in search of a live recording I’d made at a Mountain Goats show back in 2005. It was a Halloween show. It was at The Knitting Factory. And it was amazing.

And I recorded the entire thing.

But that’s not what this post is about.

I’ve gone through a few computers since 2005. We’ve had a few desktops, backup hard drives—the list goes on and one. I wasn’t really sure where this recording might be. Toby Joe searched our vast MP3 server. Nothing. I looked on my old computer. Still nothing. Finally, I found a bunch of old CDs I’d burned when I left my previous job, the job I had when we attended that show.

The good news is: I found the recording. The even GOODER news is? I also found a folder full of old TV show themes. And I simply must share a few. (Also: if someone can tell me why I have these? That’d be awesome.)

See how quickly you can guess them all.

  1. I can’t remember, who shot him?
  2. If This song were a human being, it might be a child molester. (Shudder)
  3. I had NO IDEA what this one was from. But the husband got it on the very first note.
  4. Remember the sexual tension on this show? I was 10 and I felt it.
  5. I was four when this one aired for the first time. FOUR.
  6. Remember Balki and his strange “Greek” accent? Also, that weird tuft of hair that always flipped around his forehead?
  7. And (last and probably least): thank you for being a friend.

Just think: in 30 years from now, someone is going to be blogging (from their flying car—FINALLY!) about how lame the theme song for “CSI Miami” was.

Oh, wait. That’s an actual song.

I just had a thought: Are songs written specifically for TV shows anymore? Or do shows just adopt existing songs as their opening themes?

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  1. Perfect Strangers: I will always remember the epsiode where they were doing some type of ninja thing. Now I need to hunt it down on youtube.


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