Tuesdays With Murray (Chapter 140) A Question About My Boy.

My boy is starting to look like a grownup!

I have a question for all you cat lovers out there. Murray seems to have flare-ups of ringworm. He had ringworm as a kitten and I figured it was gone for good. But it’s come back three times since. And it’s always in the same place—above his right shoulder blade. (At least I think that’s what it is. The bumps and scabs are the same as they were when he was a kitten.)

What can be done? The topical ointment isn’t an option because it gave him ick-mouth. (He foamed at the mouth. It was terribly sad. We discontinued use immediately.) When he was a wee one, we finally got rid of it using sulphur baths. Do I need to do that? More importantly, does anyone know WHY this is happening to him still? What brings it on? No other cat in our house has it. It just flares up and then goes away. But this bout doesn’t seem to be going away. Any ideas?


  1. as i say with most anything – try tea tree oil (an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal). It worked (along w/ the anti fungal cream so i cant really tell for sure which one did it – I choose to believe they worked in tandem) when my kitty, myself, and my husband got ringworm. Ugh. We did all heal a few days before the time the directions said we would though. Tea tree oil – miracle stuff!


    1. Thank you! We are heading out now to grab some.


  2. “Ringworm” is a fungal infection…and it’s pretty contagious…not just to your other cats, but to humans as well. So if it’s really ringworm, i wouldn’t mess around with home remedies…i’d take him to the vet for a diagnosis first, and then there’s a medicine they can take by mouth which, in addition to the sulphur dips, will help it go away quickly.


    1. So yeah. Tee tree oil is toxic for cats. We may have to hit a vet. Poor boy.


  3. Are you sure it’s really ringworm? Ringworm usually glows a distinctive bright green under a blacklight. If it is RW, sulfur baths usually work, but God they stink. Ointments don’t work. Some people are more vulnerable to getting it than others. You can buy the sulfur dip cheap online. You may not need the oral drugs, some of which have can have side effects. I’d be concerned about using tea tree oil. Not sure how toxic it might be if Murray licks it off.


    1. Sorry, Shawn. Our updates overlapped. I am 99% sure it’s ringworm solely because it’s exactly the same as what he had while he was a kitten. We did the sulfur baths back then about three times and it finally went away. And he’s had a few flareups since but this doesn’t seem to want to leave. :[

      I will call the vet today. I’d rather just get a prescription for the sulfur bath and avoid a vet visit. He doesn’t do well there and I’d rather save those trips for whenever he does something really stupid. ;] But if i have to, obviously I will. I adore my cats.

      And, yes, you are dead on. Tee tree oil is NOT recommended on cats. It can kill them if they eat too much. I confirmed that with at PS9 today on the back of their bottle of oil for dogs.


  4. I don’t have any advice on the ringworm but I wanted to remark on how regal Murray looks. A very majestic kitty you have there. Maybe he can accessorize with a crown?


  5. I heard that tea tree oil is poisonous to cats.
    I agree with Shawn.
    But , do a google search to be sure .

    I remember Murray as a baby when he was with Lisa he was so cute than.

    Now , he’s unbelievable handsome.
    Good luck with the ringworm !!!

    UR a great MUM !!!


  6. this might help…http://hubpages.com/hub/Cat-ringworm-home-remedies

    it could just be a skin allergy that reoccurs in the same place….


  7. My cat has recurring allergies, and has had for years… as a result, he licks and occasionally chews on his skin, and gets little red, bare, rough patches. (We have not been able to pinpoint his allergy – I suspect it’s environmental.) We took him to a specialist years ago to confirm that it was not a fungal or bacterial infection. Is it possible that Murray is chewing on himself there? Chlortrimeton helped for a while (you’d have to check with your vet for dosage).


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