Tuesdays With Murray (Chapter 136) Paw on Leg

Is he a handsome devil or what? This cat brings me so much joy. He’s a happy beast. I wish I could share his snugs with everyone. But Emory might not give him up. Mama definitely won’t.


  1. I am so so pleased that you have started writing again. I have really missed your posts and most of all Murray!

    I totally understand your love for the Hipstamatic app, I use it all the time and love the way it makes the picture look good no matter what it is of! :)


  2. I’ve thinking about buying the I4… And was quite enjoying the bad press until I read your last post and saw this pic of Murray. Now I have to go buy one. Fawk.

    (I’m glad you’re back, too. =)


  3. I too LOVE the Hipstamatic app. Love it. Sadly, I have the lowly 3GS. Maybe one day I’ll buy the I4 – it’s a good thing I just got the 3GS in April :)

    Your pictures of Murray make ME want to buy a kitty cat. Too bad the husband is allergic.


  4. Murray is back! What a sweet Hipstamatic kitty.

    I too am glad you are back! When are we gonna get some pastry school updates? Your public demands treats!


  5. Between his eyes, his ears, his stripes, and his whiskers, I don’t even need the extra cute paw. But that’s OK.


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