Tuesdays With Murray (Chapter 124) His Neuticals.

A photographic exploration of Murray, how he relaxes and his neuticals.

P.S. I took a post down because the tone was all wrong. It will return later.

Now! Commence with the fussy balls!


  1. The most flexible cat ever. Don’t they hold a category for this in the Olympics?


  2. HAHAHAHAHAH! Our cat does the same. Those neuticals must really need their space.


  3. I had to google what a Neutical was. He looks very soft in these pics.


  4. That first shot is perfect! Oh so very chill :)


  5. You got him neuticles ?

    You guys are AWESOME !


  6. Of course we didn’t. They just don’t remove the actual furry balls anymore. Snip snip. Not chop chop. :]


  7. Oh, the belly fur. I am overcome with the need to go home and smoosh my own kitties.


  8. ah, they still yank’em on dogs.

    but they do make cat neuticles.


  9. i love having a cat that sleeps like a dog. it makes me laugh. and i love knowing that yours does it also :0


  10. Rightn ow I can’t really fathom how I lived my life without knowing the term neuticals! Planning on using it at every turn!

    neuticals. Neuticals. NEUTICALS!!!!!

    Is it wrong that I just want to shout it? Noboday’s here in the Children’s Room….


  11. Oh my gosh. i had no idea the term neuticals existed.


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