Tuesdays With Murray (Chapter 123) He Really Will Eat Anything.

We bought a bunch of probiotics and vitamins for our eldest cat, Pookum. She’s having some health issues and they’re making her do weird things. We’re not really sure what’s going on, but in the meantime, we’re trying to help her by giving her probiotics and vitamins, as well as some ear ointment. It’s a long story.

The thing is, getting her to actually consume the stuff is impossible. She won’t eat wet food, so we can’t mix it up in that. And she won’t just eat it—no way. So, we’re basically left with having to sprinkle it over the dry food, which means ALL three cats get a dose. But I was told by our vet that this was fine, healthy even.

Anyway, I figured that since Murray is obviously after something given all the strange, inedible crap he consumes, the vitamins might curb whatever it is he’s craving. And while we’re at it, I might as well throw in some good ol’ probiotics for his ever-expanding belly. But really it came down to ease. Because this cat? This cat turns into a ravenous freak at the mere sight of the bottles. He’s insane for it, desperation equivalent to a crackhead in withdrawal. Murray eats every last bit of it straight up, no chaser.

Check out the yellow remnants on his chin.

I’m hoping this won’t hurt him, right? Certainly it can’t be worse than the plethora of rubber products he’s tried to kill himself on, right? (Please don’t turn me into animal protective services.)


  1. Is he Garfield’s cousin? They share the same belly size.




  3. If you have any question about this at all take your products over to Whiskers (9th St. off 2nd Ave in Manhattan) and ask them about it. If you can, talk to Phil, he’s the Lord High Expert on all things homeopathic and pet related. Like, highest rated place for this sort of thing in the country. He has seriously made it possible for my pets to continue to live and breathe. I can’t stress enough how good he is and he’ll listen carefully to the whole story (rubber eating included) and help you figure out the best possible thing to do in keeping with your lifestyle.

    Sorry, zealotry, I apologize. Phil has helped me so much, though, I get overexcited and babble. It’s all true, though.


  4. That’s the thing with cats, you can’t exactly seperate their food.Well animals in general I guess, because dogs will eat anything. My parents cats ran into the same problem because one cat had to take urinary tract infection prevention food. They both ended up having to eat it, and were also told that it’s fine. Cute pictures, love the expressive eyes.


  5. Umm… well.. he’s adorably chubby? :D


  6. Love Murray’s crazy pinpoint jonesing eyes!


  7. 4 days later, and I *still* click back to this page to see Murray’s crazy eyes in the first picture! Rarely do I actually LOL at something on the internet.. but this one cracks me up every time.

    I’m gonna make it my wallpaper!


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