Tuesdays With Murray (Chapter 122) Murray's Quest

I think I have finally figured out why Murray is doing what he does. He’s trying to run the grown human man out of my life forever. This face? This face is not to be trusted, ladies. It’s the face of a cat on a mission.

One of the gifts I got Toby Joe for christmas was an espresso machine. At first, we thought about returning it because we went a little overboard this year. But then one morning we found ourselves without regular coffee. So, we opened the box. The rest is history. I’ve woken up to homemade lattes ever since.

It’s not the best there is on the market, but it’s not too shabby either. It will keep us content until we have a home of our own and buy some fancy Italian version that costs more than a used car. Until then, we’re happy.

So, today. Readying myself for another weekly Murray post, I decided to make an afternoon latte and wouldn’t you know? Check out the rubber (once) circular bit on the steamer.

All I can say is this: Thank goodness I married a man who loves animals (specifically cats) as much as I do. Any other man would have divorced my ass by now, left me for a life of less fur, vomit and poop. Because this cat? This cat is trying so very hard to turn me into Crazy Cat Lady.

I can already hear Toby Joe’s response to this one.

It’s probably best I have an adult beverage waiting for him when he gets home.

P.S. Do you think this too shall pass?


  1. Ah. I too am a fan of the “Hello honey! I made you this delicious adult beverage. Is that good? Yes? Well on that note, I have to tell you something…” strategy.

    Cat loving men are awesome.

    I hope this will pass :)

    I just adopted a cat from the Humane Society about 2 weeks ago and I didn’t realize until just now that he and Murray could totally have been litter mates. He was the sweetest one they had with the whole “LOOK AT ME! SEE? I MAKE BISCUITS AND RUB AGAINST THE GLASS! TAKE ME HOME!” thing going on.


  2. http://www.morrisanimalfoundation.org/pdf/Cats%20Eating%20Nonfood%20Items-FINAL.pdf

    I have read that cats who do this have pica and can be related to feline illnesses like lukemia and one other… might do a little research online on the subject and talk to your vet.


  3. what did you get ? i might know of a supplier for spare parts . ( you can email if you want to keep brands off this )

    i have one of the fancy italian ones that cost as much as a used car – its really pretty, but i didn’t like the internals, so started a (yet unfinished) redo of the water and electrics. i ended up picking up a way better , but less fancy , spanish one – much happier with it.

    anyways, all that matters is that you guys finally got an espresso machine! about damn time!


  4. Yeah! I know. I do love it. I just know that coffee snobs might be all, “That machine sucks. You didn’t pay nearly enough for it.”


    MommaA: I will look into that. I worry it might be diabetes or something. We’ll have to investigate.


  5. One of our cats is a chewer too – we’ve gone through 4 computer chargers in a year thanks to our boy. One day the wireless in our apartment stopped working – my husband nearly had a fit when he discovered that the cord to the router was on its last legs. When we spoke with our vet about this he suggested getting a chihuahua-sized Kong and filling it with catnip or treats. We opted to move anything chewable out of reach instead (up high on shelves, hidden behind makeshift barriers). I’m sure you’ve thunk up many a solution…


  6. My dogs wrecked (as in DEMOLISHED) the remote. I was annoyed. My husband was GUTTED. Gu. tted.

    Dang good thing my hubby loves animals… :)


  7. wow, he’s just like my grandma’s cat. so cute!


  8. That machine is awesome. We got one two years ago and use it every day. no complaints. and you dont even need that rubber bit anyway.
    you can still move the wand without burning yourself.
    p.s. happy new year and lots of love xoxoxoxooxo


  9. I got the husband an espresso machine for Father’s Day this year… we both love it. We’ve gone totally faux-talian with our biscotti and amaretti cookies.


  10. Mr. T. got pica when he was dying of heart failure/CRF. Mr. Boo just likes to chew on things. I think Murray belongs to the latter set – he’s young and healthy. I don’t think I told you this, but shortly after we arrived in SF, B ate a mysterious rubber thing and had to have another $3000 surgery. Like I hadn’t just spent my entire savings moving across the country. CATS! From one crazy cat lady to another, you gotta love ’em.


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