Tuesdays With Murray: Chapter 115 (A Video)

Emory loves to be chased. Whenever we’re out and he sees someone he knows, instead of saying hello, he shrieks and then runs in the opposite direction. It’s both adorable and weird. Nine times out of ten, the other child has no clue why this kid is running away from them. They just stand there dumbfounded. This is one of the best parts about raising a toddler. I enjoy picturing myself acting the same way toddlers do. I picture myself, a 35-year-old woman, gleefully screaming at a friend and then running away, or throwing myself on the ground after being told I can’t eat leaves. The life I’ve been living in my head has been awesome. I’m hoping Henry Selick will direct this life. I love this life.

Cats like to chase things. And if there’s one cat that should be chasing things, it’s my chubby teenage Murray. On Saturday, as Toby Joe dangled some twine from his chest while tying up some cardboard and coming this close to losing a very special body part, he had a brainstorm: cat toy, meet string; string, meet cat toy.

That was Saturday. And this is how our house has looked and sounded ever since.

No joke; he’s doing it right now. Pantless. (Not wise, on my behalf, but still.)

Toddlers and animals together are awesome.


  1. This just totally made my day. Thank you!


  2. Possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen. Thanks.


  3. OMG Cole loves it also when we run after him, either when one of us is holding him or if he’s just walking around. He thinks it’s the funniest.thing.ever. Boys are crazy (in a good way).


  4. Meredith: get string and crab a cat as soon as possible. Cole will lose his mind!

    And thank you, everyone! I like hearing that this type of post makes you happy. Happy is good! Now go scream at someone and run away.


  5. This is our life. Matthew will grab one of us off the couch, and then stand at the other side of the room before pointing both arms straight out in front of him, and yelling, “GO!!” at the top of his lungs. Commence running, commence chasing.


  6. Heehee, I’m exhausted after this! The suspense when they’re out of sight in the back is as good as Hitchcock!


  7. Oh my, that is so so funny!! the squeals of laughter, the hilariously determined Murray, the splat splat of Emory’s bare feet, and also Mom’s barely contained laughter. That is so much fun!


  8. That makes my heart happy! :)


  9. I love cats. I love kids. THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER.

    Thanks so much for this – it has been a pretty awesome day overall and this just added to the awesome.

    By the way, I showed my husband some of the Murray videos/pictures on your site (he saw me watching the video) and he is in love. He is a huge cat lover (he prides himself on ‘converting’ me) and seriously, your Murray stuff has made him even more excited for the move and the cats we will get on the other side.


  10. That is awesome. I only hope they fall asleep in a heap after a while


  11. My goodness, just adorable!

    I love the sound of children’s laughter and the sight of animals/pets with kids.

    Run Em, run!

    Looks like oodles of fun =)


  12. Watched it three times, and can’t stop smiling. Your boys are just too adorable! Emory’s laugh is the new Prozac.


  13. thank-you so much for that – my heart is warm.


  14. They are both so damn cute :) My cats wouldn’t chase that, they’d sit on the floor glaring, waiting for YOU to bring it to THEM, haha ;)


  15. This is AMAZING. I love the out-of-room squeals. A+ viewing!


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