Disappearing Hallway Cats (TWM: Ch 112)

Murray and Tucker like visiting the hallway of our apartment building. We have no idea why. But every time the door opens the two of them make a break for it. Normally, we herd them back into the apartment right away. Sometimes I let them wander a bit longer, but never for too long. I get nervous one of them will hop on the elevator. (I know—a crazy idea. But have you met Murray?) Anyway, they’re never out there for longer than 30 seconds. Unless, of course, Uncle Ryan comes to stay.

Two weeks ago, we took a train down to Florida. We gave Ryan the run of the place for the week. You see, Ryan was in China for several years. When he returned, he had nowhere to go so he moved in with my folks (temporarily!) and they live in South Jersey. So, when we go away, he likes to stay here. I guess he misses New York City.

It was right around midweek through our stay in Florida that I got a call from Ryan asking me to pop on AIM. I KNOW! What has the world come to? People are making phone calls to ask people to get online so they can type back and forth to one another? Yeah. But this time there was a reason, for this story came with pictures.

Here’s our chat. (I’m TobyJoe as I was on his computer.)

Ryan: the rest ….. i let the cats out into the hallway.  tucker and murray

tobyjoe: uhoh!

Ryan: while out there, the elevator opens and it’s Debbie (?)

tobyjoe: oh no

tobyjoe: hahah

Ryan: she’s moving back across the street

tobyjoe: Did she have the dogs?

Ryan: so, she invites me in, we chat

tobyjoe: with the cats?

Ryan: well, she said it won’t be a problem, there are no dogs, but no, i just let the cats stay outside.

Ryan: anyway, so… after a bit.  we leave the apartment and this is basically all I see

tobyjoe: wtf?!!

Ryan: your door, meanwhile, is completely closed.

Ryan: empty hallway, not a single cat to be seen

tobyjoe: how did they do that?

Ryan: i pretty much knew immediately where one cat was …. but tucker tried to get into the elevator when she came off of it, so i was nervous

Ryan: i must’ve left the door open a bit, tucker i guess ran in, and it closed on the return swing ….

tobyjoe: hahaha

tobyjoe: that’s Murray!!?

tobyjoe: omg

Ryan: but yeah, i assume murray found a home.  but tucker?  i run into the apt ….. and there’s tucker.  and qianying denying she let him in.  which confused me until I just assumed i must’ve left the door open …. i thought the cat walked through walls

tobyjoe: hhahhahahah

Ryan: so, yeah, leave two cats in the hallway.  leave for five mins.  return.  zero cats.

tobyjoe: poor MURRAY!

Ryan: poor murray?  he loved it in that little fort

tobyjoe: so awesome

Ryan: poor tucker.  he kept running back into the apartment with the loud sounds.  murray didn’t want to leave his rather nice fort.

tobyjoe: awesome. and I miss them.


  1. Murray really didn’t want to come out. With three of us out there swapping pet stories for a while, I decided it was finally time to go back in. He hadn’t budged the whole time and I wasn’t thrilled about forcing him out of his happy place.

    Eventually I folded the carpet over, thus destroying his original fort, but creating a new one on the other side. He quickly ran into the new one. But the trap had been set! An unfolding of the carpet to the original, flat position left just an exposed Murray on top, with no more forts to run to.


  2. All cats are awesome, but Murray takes the cake!


  3. Always leave it up to Uncle Ryan to get into trouble while you’re away…

    Have you seen the cat collar cameras for seeing the world throug your cat’s eyes? http://bit.ly/15ChXT

    You know you’re a true cat lover when your cat dresses up to fight crime and writes love letters.


  4. You know the ‘like’ button on facebook? They need that for blogs.


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