Murray and The Highchair (TWM: Ch 111)

For starters, I’d like to apologize for totally slacking on the blog lately. We got back from Florida late Sunday and I’ve been running around trying to get things taken care of. I have a week’s worth of laundry to do, plus cat hair GALORE to vacuum. It ain’t pretty. But I think I’m finally reaching a resting point.

For those of you who wrote me about Mom it Down: Yes, I DID have a recipe to put up yesterday. But never got a chance to do it. You see, Emory didn’t fair too well being away from home for so long. By the end of our trip he was literally begging us (in the saddest voice ever) for home. He sounded like ET. It was heartbreaking. All that said, since returning home, I’ve done nothing but make sure he’s doing exactly what he wants to do, which basically means visiting the PLAYGROUND! He missed his friends and his stomping ground, which is pretty freaking cute if you ask me. So, there’s the full-time motherhood excuse for my slackness. heh

I have some things that need to be addressed on the blog, like immediately—a few reviews for products that I was sent, an article for March Of Dimes, updates on our family life—I’m way, way behind. I have made it my duty to fix this! I hate falling behind. I promise to step it up. There is just so much to report and share, so many stories and pictures and reviews and…

In the meantime, here’s a picture of Murray who has moved away from the cardboard box, and the stroller and has decided that he belongs here now:

I think he wants to be taller. But the best part about whenever this takes place is that Emory suddenly decides he wants to sit in the highchair, which is pretty funny because Emory NEVER wants to sit in the highchair anymore, unless, of course, Murray is in the highchair. I will try and get video of that interaction; it’s awesome.

Ahhhh, brothers.


  1. I love that he just doesn’t quiiiite fit. And that look is priceless!

    Oh, and welcome home from vacation!


  2. I know! I love his look. This cat kills me every day of my life. I adore him. (I love them all, but there’s something special about Murray. He’s just so darned happy. Ain’t no one gonna breaka his stride…)

    Curse me now as you sing that song all day!


  3. Murray is why I’m slowly starting to research getting a cat, because he’s helped me see that cats are pretty awesome.

    Pictures like this are icing on the decision cake.


  4. Oh, Aisha! Please get a cat. They truly change your life and make you laugh every day. They are amazingly funny, sweet, and comforting creatures.


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