Behold! The Box (TWM: Ch 108)

My husband had a book published with O Reilly and we were recently sent a box of them. I write “recently” but really that box arrived about a month ago, and like with most things we get in the mail, we left it in the middle of our foyer.

By now everyone has probably heard of Stuff Theory, wherein any new item that enters a house and ends up on the floor, couch, table, whatever and is subject to immediate feline ownership. This box was not any different from everything else. It wasn’t in that spot for five minutes before one of them claimed it as their own.

Naturally, given the pecking order here, Murray wins most of the time. He’s there roughly all day and night, getting up only to eat, drink or sit on my lap for a few scritches. But he always returns to the box.

Here’s the box:


What I can’t figure out is how the box caved in last night. It’s true. At some point in the middle of the night, Murray crushed the box.


Now, before everyone assumes that this was due to how fat he is, I am not sure that’s it. I actually think the box broke during a brawl between Murray and Tucker on who would sit on the box next. But Toby Joe thinks I’m in denial and that it’s due time to put Murray on a diet.

We put Schmitty on a diet once. It was miserable. He was miserable. We were miserable. The neighbors were miserable. I can’t imaging doing that again.

But worse? I know I have to get rid of this box as it’s collecting dust and obviously cats and I just can’t bring myself to do it.


  1. I know this has nothing to do with this post, but I would just like to reiterate that Murray is so fuzzy and adorable that I would like nothing more than to take a bite. Maybe just nibble on one of his furry ears.


  2. I had the big box, packing material and smaller boxes laying on my living room floor for at least a month. My cats loved pulling everything out of the box and hiding inside. Finally got rid of it. I bought one of those soft cushy cat beds, what do they love sleeping in? The wood tray I have on my ottoman. The bed remains untouched, yet they love the hard not padded tray?? Cats are weird yet awesome.


  3. Agreed. Rule number one: The more you spend on something the less they want it.


  4. Right! Expensive catnip fancy toy – hardly looked at. Pack of 12 plastic balls with bells inside? Best toy EVER. I never learn though.


  5. It’s not a box anymore…it’s a cat bed. The ‘breakage’ is merely ‘contouring.’ You can’t take it away now! (grin)


  6. There are two Priority Mail boxes in the middle of my living room floor. Is it because i’m a lousy housekeeper? No (well, i am, but this isn’t a sign of it). Books came in the boxes. I set the empty boxes on the floor. They immediately became cat beds, cat thrones, cat flying carpets, cat scratching posts…it’s been two weeks and the cats still haven’t lost interest in the boxes, so they remain on the living room floor.


  7. There’s no way I’ll take away their boxes. :] I would have to have a heart of stone. But it has been a major form of contention between them. There’s only one winner and the other two move sulk.


  8. Congrats on Toby Joe publishing a book. Fabulous!


  9. We tend to get rid of one cat box when another comes to take its place. Right now they like to play in the box our grill came in.. The catbed DOES get used, but they also like the kitchen chairs… and my side of the closet.


  10. Then you simply must purchase something to create another box. Problem solved! (grin)
    The neighborhood cats REALLY liked the empty charcoal bag left on the front porch. It took something like six months to get rid of it. I put pillows and blankets out on the porch for the cats – no dice. CHARCOAL BAG.


  11. I love this post. I love it. It brings back so many wonderful memories of our cats and it reminds me why, even two months after the last one passed away, we still have boxes scattered around our house. It has gotten to the point were, since we are moving in December, we are just going to keep them for that.

    Stuff Theory is awesome. And it works for stray cats as well – we have some semi-feral cats that live outside, and one of them snuck into the house after me yesterday. I was in the kitchen putting away the groceries and I looked into the living room, and there was a sweet little black and white cat, cuddled up in a box like he owned it. My heart melted.


  12. My heart just melted too! What a sweetie pie.


  13. I just can’t get over what a gorgeous cat he is. Those markings are beautiful!


  14. My heart just melted too! What a sweetie pie.


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