Pets In Strollers? THAT'S CRAZY! (TWM Ch:106)

A couple of weeks ago, I saw a woman pushing a dog in a stroller and thought this:

Since then, I have seen two more dogs in strollers.

What’s going on with dogs in strollers? Who justifies spending the extra cash right now on a stroller designed specifically for a dog? I’m all for pet pampering, but dogs have legs. Four of them. And we’re in the middle of a recession, right? Plus, how ya gonna sniff some butt from a stroller?

But more importantly, have we humans learned nothing from our nation’s expanding waistband that we’re now subjecting our pets to that very same fate?


I don’t know. I mean, I guess if you want to push your dog in a stroller, that’s fine. To each their own. But I do think it’s a little silly.

So, imagine my surprise when I discovered this waiting for me at the front door the following morning:

I’m left wondering: is there a Craigslist for pets? Did he get a memo or something?

I think we can all agree that the last thing Murray needs help with is his laziness.


  1. It happens here in England too!

    Last Friday I saw a woman with a small dog in a baby sling, walking around as if it was the most normal thing in the world.

    Like you, I’m all for pampered pets but they have legs and they need exercise.

    There is a very fine line between pampering and unintentional cruelty I think.

    Ps. I can’t look at a single picture of Murray without wanting to give him the biggest hug.


  2. OMG! I saw a BULLDOG in a stroller meant for a toddler!!! Shocking! Sadly, I had the same mixed reaction of awwwww….wtf?? PS I have a picture I took of it on my blackberry…will send it to you!!!


  3. Oh, holy crap, y’all. If this turns into a post where people send pictures of pets in strollers, I’ll feel like my job is forever done.

    Karen: Murray is a kissable and huggable creature. He’s fun to love on, for sure.


  4. I have just seen you can buy the strollers online, and they are not cheap!

    You can even get one for cats called a Kittywalk, which is also available as a double for those kitties who prefer to be accompanied by a friend!


  5. OK, I may look into the Kittywalk…. I mean, what good is Murray if I keep him indoors all the time? I should share the Murray love, right? We’ll bring Tucker along for moral support.


  6. My favorite part of the photo is that Murray’s eyes are filled with shame like it’s an addiction he can’t shake. “I’m sorry, I tried but…the stroller…it’s just…too….COMFY AUUUUGH!”


  7. I once saw a beautiful white Persian cat being paraded around in a hot pink, pillow-lined Barbie wagon. I kept waiting for the film crew to appear, thinking it was a segment for Pimp My Ride: Feline Edition.


  8. JessicaP! did it look anything like THIS?:

    (I swear it’s a total coincidence that I came upon this right after reading this post.)


  9. My husband took a picture of a guy riding his bicycle on a bike path in Minneapolis with a cat on his back. Not a happy cat, either.

    So, I had a dog with a broken leg once. He couldn’t walk well on three legs. My friend let me use her old, beat up stroller to cart him around (it had already been used for three kids and it wasn’t purchased FOR the dog, I promise). So maybe these people have infirm dogs?


  10. I work in a pet retail store and we actually sell pet strollers. The “sporty” ones are about $150 Canadian! We also sell pet carriers that look like Snuglis and slings, etc. Every time someone comes to buy one of these things, we all shake our heads. For some, I suppose if they have small dogs who can’t handle lots of exercise (mini weiner dogs are a good example), it lets them take the dog (or cat) outside and the owner still gets exercise?! I dunno. I always have the WTF?? attitude towards those things.

    Sorry for rambling! Murray looks hilarious. I’m sure Emory would squeeze over a little so Murray could go for a walk with him!


  11. I’ve seen this before too; one time I was rolling my eyes at a greyhound in a pram (of all the dogs to make lazy!) AND! when I got up closer I saw the poor thing had a broken leg. I felt bad.

    But any other reason is just bollocks.


  12. Leah: Those links! Oh they are superb. But I do feel a little bad for the cat.

    Dogs that are missing a leg or two are totally allowed to use a stroller.

    (Incidentally, there’s a weiner dog here in Brooklyn with a contraption that has wheels because he can’t use his back legs. It’s adorable. I love that dog and his owner as well.)

    NGS: I suddenly feel very bad for that cat. Poor kitty. :[


  13. I have a dog stroller that I bought when my min-pin had knee surgery in 2003. It cost $80 and was worth every penny.

    Every now and again, we foster pups from a min-pin rescue group, and the stroller has come in handy on a few occasions.

    Most recently, we had a little guy who was hit by a car and only left with 2 3/4 legs. Right after his amputation surgery, we took care of him and he really enjoyed going in walks with us in the stroller. Now, he is able to get around on his own.

    I realize that it may look silly, but perhaps you shouldn’t be so quick to judge dog owners for using strollers. The pup in question could very well be recovering from surgery.


  14. Oh, come on, Sarah. This was the most lighthearted post I’ve put on in a while. It was meant to be silly, not serious.

    I don’t know what else to say to you about this.


  15. So sorry! I didn’t mean at all to seem self-righteous about it … just wanted to offer my own reasons for using the stroller.


  16. All is good. I just didn’t want to actually offend anyone by this. Keep in mind, it was written by someone known for taking her cat out on a leash. Talk about looks! :]


  17. Your post made me think of something I saw this week. I was on vacation in DC on Monday. We walked past a restaurant with tables outside. At one table was an older, posh couple and their poodle. I know it’s not unusual in cities for a dog to join people in a restaurant at their feet, but this dog was IN A CHAIR sitting at the table with them. They were just being served their food, so I’m not sure if or what the dog was eating. I really wished I had taken a picture. Does this happen more than I know?


  18. I seem to remember a city suggesting that dogs be able to dine out (as you’ve described) with their owners. But I think it was Chicago. And I don’t think it passed. But I’m not positive. Maybe DC went ahead and made it so?

    I haven’t seen this yet myself, not here in NY. DC, and their zany laws….

    Do you mind my asking what restaurant?


  19. No reason to mind : ) I think it was Marcel’s on Pennsylvania Avenue. (We were staying in Washington Circle & made a run a few blocks away for milk for the kids & wine for us.)


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  21. I have a pet stroller…I use it when I’m in busy places…or during patio dining. No big deal


  22. My dog is 16 1/2 years old. He can’t walk the way he used to. He still enjoys the fresh air and we walk a little. The other part he strolls. People yell and make comments about him. Wouldn’t you take your best friend out for a stroll in his twilight years, though?


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