A Boy and His Cat (Tuesdays With Murray Ch:105)

It’s been really hot lately, which means our outside time has been cut in half. Lately, I’ve been taking Emory out in the morning for a few hours and returning home before it gets too unbearable. The excessive heat has me brainstorming more exciting indoor activities, which is why we recently brought out the paint and made a massive mess. I knew Emory would love this; what kid doesn’t love painting? But what I hadn’t anticipated was how much Murray would enjoy the activity. He was at Emory’s side the entire time.

Here are a few pictures from that day.





When Toby and I first discussed having kids, we agreed that we only wanted one. And even after Emory was born, we still only wanted to have one child. It wasn’t until I saw him interact with Murray did I begin to realize how nice it would be for Emory to have a sibling.

So, should we one day feel lighter about our recent tragic setback and have a go at another child, that decision can be blamed entirely on Murray.

I just wanted you all to know that.


  1. Hee hee, that’s right, blame it on the cat! These are great pictures of Murray and Em…i do believe that Murray might like to lend a paw to the painting process. I’m sure you’ve seen the book “Why Cats Paint”?…you could make bazillions of bucks selling paintings by the team of Murray and Emory *g* (I like the Druidic paint splashes on Emory’s chest.)


  2. While I totally realize that this post has a much more serious side than this, I must say that one of my first thoughts while reading this (just like quiltcat) is that you could totally make loads of money off Murray/Emory paintings! I’m imagining the little paw prints in frames right now!


  3. We could use the money! :]

    The hard part is keeping it on paper. Let me tell you, the house looked like a Jackson Pollock painting, only replace the splatter with hundreds of paw prints. It was maddening!


  4. Super super cute!

    Try painting while in a dry bathtub… it makes clean up so much easier.


  5. Awww. Here’s hoping Emory and Murray have given you some much-needed hug therapy recently! They are adorable.


  6. How cute; you should try pudding painting so he can eat it and paint with it all at once. PS: painting in the bathtub is a brilliant idea, I’ll have to give that one a try.


  7. I know! I was just going to say: Thanks Egirl for the suggestion of painting! Mom It Down: Activities!

    Mmmmm pudding…


  8. I know I don’t have kids but I had a super smart mama who saved old shower curtains to throw in the floor for a huge paint/play dough area. Thought I’d pass it on…


  9. Another great idea! I love the idea of recycling those things. Good one!


  10. Awww… my heart melts more, I love their friendship AND shared interests.


  11. I just can’t get these images out of my head. How adorable. It is great that both of your boys are such great friends.


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