Paper Towels! (Tuesdays With Murray ch:104)

Murray has a thing for paper towels. We have no idea why.


It’s a mighty good thing it’s adorable otherwise we might stop him more often. But we can’t. I have decided that he does this because it comforts him, like maybe they used paper towels in his cage when he was a kitten? I have no idea. It’s the same thing every time. He hops up onto the counter, rummages around for a bit and creates a little nest using his front paws. Adorable, right? Totally.

Unfortunately, I haven’t caught him in the act on video yet, but I did get the aftermath last night. Here’s a video of what usually ends up happening after he makes himself a bed on the countertop.

This is just one more thing that makes Murray awesome and adorable.


  1. Murray reminds me of the Andrex puppy!

    Does he like toilet roll too or is it just paper towels?


  2. Murray is really adorable. Please continue posting about him as much as you can. Reading about him and/or seeing his pictures brings me so much comfort. We had to put our dear cat down 2 weeks ago and I still can’t believe he’s gone and cry for him all the time.


  3. Anca: I am so sorry. I was just thinking about our beloved cat, Schmitty. Putting him down was one of my most painful times. But it does get easier. I know it’s impossible to believe that right now, but it gets easier. I am living proof of it. :] (From one crazy cat lover to another, it gets easier.)

    Also, a little addition to this comment and Schmitty… we had him cremated. He lives in a small container in our bedroom. When I was throwing EVERYTHING out from the recent pregnancy loss, I came upon the first sonogram pictures I got on week 8. I couldn’t throw them out, so I put them with Schmitty’s ashes. This, naturally, made me sob like a baby at the time and I’m tearing up right now, for some reason it made and makes me feel better.

    For some unexplained reason…



  4. Our one kitty, Cleo, who looks like an older, fatter and girl version of Murray, loves plastic bags. She will knead them and purr and lick them, it is almost unspeakable the way she molests them, and then, she sleeps on them. Right now, in fact, she is eye-ing up my Gap bag with lust in her eyes.


  5. Thanks, I know it will eventually get better. So sorry for your loss too. I put the last bag of catnip in the little box with his ashes and he’s now looking out the window like good old times…


  6. Murray is totally the cat on the internet I’d most like to meet. My first cat used to attack paper towels and the plastic of bread packages. I love his “I have no idea how this happened” look in the video.


  7. I love Murray. And I miss my cat. She used to love plastic bags as well, JenB…and wrapping paper. Anything that had the crackle. She was in heaven on birthdays and Christmas as well as our twice monthly shopping days before we got reusable bags. She hated those and would lay her ears back every time they came out. Cats are awesome!


  8. Maybe Murray got the idea from looking out the window of your last place and admired the hobo nest? Murray is making his own hobo nest.


  9. I’m impressed with Murray’s neatness. :) My Maya prefers to make “nests” out of the tattered edges of notebook pages. The days I grade my students’ journals at home are some of her happiest — and a serious mess for me when she’s done scavenging as many bits as she can and scattering them about the house. Also a bit difficult to explain to those lucky kids whose pages have been “modified” (improved, I’m sure Maya feels) while in my possession! Maybe I can introduce her to paper towel…!


  10. AWW, Murray this is not eco-friendly. LOL

    He is adorable. Makes me miss the kitties. I have lost 3 in the past 3 years.


  11. When you ask Murray why he does it..he gives a little off the cuff meow that sounds exactly like, “i don’t know” Love!


  12. Murray is adorable! Not sure if you’ve seen this or not, but thought it looked like something you might appreciate –


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