Wednesday With(out) Murray.

I really miss my cats. We’ve been away for almost a week and that’s far too long to go without scritching an animal. I still have no idea how people live without pets. None whatsoever.

This picture was taken last week during bath time. Murray likes to watch Emory in the bathtub. I think he’s overprotective, fascinated and curious. And we all know the saying about curiosity and the cat.

Naturally, he slipped and then stood there wondering what the hell had just happened. But the whole getting wet part didn’t really phase him, it was when he tried walking along our slick bamboo floors he became confused.

Anyway, we’re heading home tomorrow and I can’t wait to smooch his fat belly and scritch his brother and sister.


  1. How do people live without pets? I’ll tell you how. By reminding their spouse at least three times a day that a dog or a cat would be nice company. By crying at the cages at PetSmart, knowing you can’t help ALL those cats, but maybe just one? Or two? Or twelve? By being a royal pain in the butt about the whole thing? That’s how.

    Yay vacation!!


  2. Awwww NGS. I wish I could accidentally DROP A CAT OFF at your house. I’m going through the same thing with my folks right now. They put their 16-year-old cat to sleep in April and they love cats but say they don’t want to have another one. Someday. Someday I shall break them!


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