Tuesdays With Murray (Chapter 98)

Murray crawled up next to me on Thursday night and started making biscuits on the blanket I had overtop of me. He then did a couple of donuts before settling into place. Murray sleeps curled up a lot, a pose we’ve come to refer to as “The Croissant Kitty”. When he sleeps this way, almost every back paw pad is in full view, which is how I noticed the big booboo.

Murray has black paw pads. (They used to be purple!) So the bloody one stuck out (forgive the phrase) like a sore thumb. I tried to get a closer look but he pulled his leg away the moment I touched it. I told Toby Joe to get a better look as I held him close. He paw was indeed bloody. We had no idea why.

As I looked around our apartment trying to figure out what had happened to Murray’s paw, I noticed that there were little bloody prints all over the apartment. They seemed to originate in the kitchen and come to an end in Em’s room next to a green rug Murray enjoys sleeping on.

Well, after careful thought we’ve decided that Murray must have burned himself on the stove, something I’ve been worried about for a while since we’ve never had any success keeping him off of the counters and stove. Somehow he’s never been burned before. But his luck ran out sometime last week. Poor kitty. 

It’s healing quite nicely, however.

Of course, one might imagine that he’s now afraid of the counters and stove. Not the case at all. Because that would make sense. 

(Be warned, fellow cat lovers! The oven poses a great threat to our naive fuzzies!)


  1. Poor Murray! I know you have already spent about eleventy-bajillion dollars on that cat, but keep an eye on the paw and make sure it doesn’t get infected. If it does, a trip to the vet will be warranted. :( I know that you can use Neosporin (triple antibiotic) on kitties, but I would be wary about it on the feet, since cats will lick their paws a lot.

    Anyway, again, poor Murray!


  2. Poor Murray! We call that curled up position “Kitten balls.” I love that snuggly position :) I hope Murray heals nicely without infection. Infected kitty feet are always unpleasant.


  3. You really can train cats not to get up on the stove and counters! shaking a can full of coins when the cat gets ready to jump up; putting very sticky masking tape sticky side up where they land when they hop up on the forbidden surface; a water pistol; a line of empty cat food cans that they would knock over when hopping up on the forbidden surface…


  4. Poor baby, I hope Murray feels better soon.

    (and I’ve never heard anyone else say “making bicuits.” When I use that expression, I get funny looks!)


  5. Poor kid. Get better soon, buddy.


  6. I feel for your kitty and his desire for being part of the cooking process. Our little Hellen also wants to be a chef. We have started making sure either a pot lid or a pan with water is on top of the burner as it cools (we have electric). This allows the little darling to leap up and walk about without harm to paws. She did burn her paw once, which had us start this method to prevent it from happening again.
    Wishing Murray a safe leap to a counter in future and a healed paw :)


  7. Mihow, I think Murry and my Tucker were separated at birth! One time my husband left an old razor blade on one of the little shelves in our shower. Tucker got it down and played with it, and somehow cut the little pointy pad on the back of one of his front paws. Of course, I had to follow the blood trail all the way through the house before I pieced together the mystery. LOL…


  8. Poor Murray! I have to tell you that both my dogs curl up tightly and we call it the “doggy donut.” I’d love a croissant kitty to go with my two doggy donuts! Hee hee!


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