Tuesdays With Murray (Chapter 94)

When I approached them to take the shot, they were sound asleep and it was cute. My moving nearer to them woke them up. But this is still pretty cute.

I can’t comprehend how anyone is capable of hurting a cat (or any animal for that matter). Look at them!


  1. You’re going to need a bigger chair! :)

    Despite being siblings my two won’t curl up together. Singly, though, either one of them will curl up with the dog.


  2. Aww, I love it when they cuddle. Here is a picture of my boys in cuddle mode:


  3. When this happens in my house it is usually followed by a neuter-to-neuter dominance hump. disturbing.


  4. I love the way Murray is gazing at you like, “that’s right, take a picture, they loooove me around here.”

    My guys will lay together like this, but usually it’s accompanied by incessant licking of each others’ faces….followed by biting each others’ necks….followed by a wild goose chase throughout our apartment. It never lasts.


  5. I have always said that I would have loved to be a vet, but that I couldn’t because if I found someone I knew was abusing an animal, I couldn’t be sure that I wouldn’t do something that would put me in jail.

    Adorable kitties!


  6. That *is* cute! And even though I haven’t watched the video of Emory yet (I’m at a quiet coffee shop), I still like ’em! Keep it up!


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