Tuesdays With Murray (Chapter 92)

I kept thinking about this post, wondering how I’d get everyone to believe me when I told them that he put himself in this position—that I had nothing to do with it. I wasn’t sure people would believe me when I told them that this clumsy creature climbed on top of a wooden chest and inside a comforter without knocking a single stuffed animal onto the floor. But then I realized that anyone who knows anything about cats knows that we humans have little control over the cute and weird things they do. In fact, human intervention of any kind usually results in a blank stare or motionless protest. No, they don’t need us. Cats act weird all their own. 

I have often wondered how those living without pets get through their day without the extra laughter. Aren’t they lonely? Don’t they yearn for someone to greet them at the end of the day? Who do they blame the strange noises on? Sure, they can wear black pants, leave food unattended, go on vacation easily, and walk to the refrigerator without tripping, but who cares about all that when faced with the joyful alternative? 

Unconditional love is awesome.


  1. The black pants cracked me up. I warn people not to wear black when they visit our home. We went so far as to buy a car with leather seats, because cat hair was transfered from out bodies into our car!

    Too bad you couldn’t get a kitty without the shedding fur, litter box and hair balls. And plant eating, ribbon eating, clawing furniture…

    The list goes on and on!


  2. What a cutie! Our cat hates being under blankets for some reason, but still manages to be cute.


  3. Love Murray! I don’t know how people live without pets. When my cat of 9 years died a couple months ago, I couldn’t wait more than a week or 2 to adopt another. The house immediately felt so empty and quiet without animals. Now I have 2 sweet shelter kitties.


  4. Word.

    We have a dog, two cats and two gerbils. I know our lives would be much less fun without all the furry, beady-eyed cute that goes on every day.

    And, I think all senior citizens should have (in addition to Life Alert – ha) a pet of some sort. My mom, who is widowed, has a dog who snuggles with her, entertains her, protects her, and makes sure that she gets her exercise. I feel much better knowing that she has him!


  5. Robyn: So sorry to hear about your 9-year-old. I know firsthand how hard that is. But so happy to hear you adopted new companions! They really do make a difference, don’t they?

    Melissa: I have been begging my folks to get another cat. For now, they flat out refuse. But we’ll see. ;]


  6. In November, I found a kitten on the train tracks across the street from our house and I grabbed him. He was so aggressively happy to be rescued (he was standing on my shoulder and purring) I had to take him home. We kept him and named him Oscar. He is such an aggressive cuddler that he will step on the baby while I’m breast feeding in order to rub his face on my neck. Yes it is annoying and I feel sorry for the baby (getting stepped on is probably no fun!) but I love that kitty so much and I secretly relish the look he gives me when he is about to head my way for some snuggles!


  7. It doesn’t surprise me at all to see that Murray got himself into that position. My old cat, Keyser, used to do similar things. I DO miss having pets around, and it breaks my heart everyday. I miss Milo and Keyser very much, but also miss just having an animal around in general. I want more than anything to have another pet, and we’re looking into finding a dog that Adeline isn’t allergic to. There are a few breeds that she doesn’t have reactions to, but those are hard to find at shelters.

    We also REALLY miss having a cat around, especially since Adeline loves cats even more than she loves dogs. But she is so severely allergic that it just can’t happen.

    So to answer your questions: yes, we do get lonely. I miss having Keyser greet me at the door, paws stretched in the air for me to pick him up and stretch him. My imagination gets the better of me when I hear strange noises.

    PS–we have the same comforter for Adeline.


  8. I totally believe you. Cats are impossible to stage.


  9. From one cat lover to another, I believe you. I don’t know how cats do what they do for the sake of comfort, but I’ve seen the results…and Murray takes the cake! :-)

    I know I would feel lonely without my furbabies in my life. I waited a LONG time for them and I love them even more because I remember what it’s like to not have them in my life.


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