Ideas For Toddler Easter Baskets

Nothing like waiting until the last minute, right? We’ve decided to celebrate Easter this year (and by celebrate, I mean eat candy) and I haven’t the slightest clue what I’m going to do for Em. He’s still a little young, so searching for hidden plastic eggs or dying the real ones probably isn’t an option for us. But I do want to get him a basket of some sort.

Do you have any ideas for us?


  1. We got Matthew a few Easter-themed lollipops (he likes to lick them while we hold them — one lick, run across the room in excitement, come back, repeat until bored, approximately 10 licks) and a video that we think he’ll like. My husband also bought a small package of Peeps, but I think those are more for him than Matthew. ;-) I’m also planning on making a cake with food coloring swirls that will (in theory) look spring-like.


  2. You can do an egg hunt with just a few plastic eggs, and give him a little basket with some candy and a little toy. I did this when my son was 1. We had also gotten him a Little Tykes basketball goal the night before Easter, so all the eggs got slam dunked. lol

    A long time ago I made a sheet cake that I frosted and sprinkled with grated coconut dyed green. Then I put a few yellow peeps and some jelly beans on top. It was pretty cute. It’s something a toddler could help decorate for sure.


  3. actually, i agree with melissa. jack is the same age as emory. i thought for sure jack was too young to egg hunt but a few weeks ago we visited the grandparents and they put a few eggs out in plain site and he picked up on the idea asap. i mean they are the age where they love to put things in and out of things anyway! my mom stuck by my “food-rules” and put tiny raisins inside the eggs and a few had tiny bunny-graham-cracker cookies in them. every time he found an egg he opened it right away and was thrilled with the hidden raisin – which entertained us, as it did look like tiny rabbit poop – which as most would agree = funny stuff.


  4. Awesome! Perhaps we’ll give the egg hunt a try. He does love finding stuff. (Sometimes stuff he’s not supposed to.)

    Never even thought of letting him get filthy by decorating stuff. You guys are a great help. Also, if you have pictures of your little guys decorating stuff, I’d love to see them!


  5. When my son was a toddler, I hid plastic eggs filled with teddy grahams, fruit snacks, gold fish crackers, etc, not candy. I know the fillings aren’t as fun as candy, but they worked like a charm. We “hid” the eggs in plain site and like Houpley, my son picked up on the idea immediately.

    Now, this year with a 5 yr old and a 1 1/2 yr old, I plan on dyeing and hiding real eggs for the big one and “hiding” plastic eggs for the little one.

    Happy Easter!


  6. Lukas is 18 mos. and did the egg hunt and loved it. For his basket, I got him a little bit of candy but it’s mostly books and stuffed animals…and dinosaurs. He loved dinosaurs. I wasn’t trying to stick with an Easter theme, I just stuffed it with things I knew he would love. Can’t wait to see pictures!


  7. you could also make egg or bunny-shaped sugar cookies and either decorate yourself or have emory help you decorate them.


  8. bubbles…my parents always put bubbles in my basket. They are fun inside or outside…in the bathtub. And they are not expensive. I bet Murray would have fun with them too.


  9. We got our son (20 months) a bubble machine, a bucket with sand toys and a coloring book. We might try to color eggs with him. I just want to see his reaction. hehe


  10. How did it go?

    Amelia loved just plastic eggs with stickers or rubber duckies inside … she could play with those eggs for hours. She loved her little egg hunt for them, though somehow she learned the word ‘mine’. Fun! :)


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