In Honor of Maddie Spohr…

Instead of writing a woefully unrelated and hypothetical tale filled with loss and anguish and making this about me, I am going to encourage you to visit to The March of Dimes, and donate whatever you can spare in the name of Maddie Spohr.

If you have kids, go play with them right now! If you don’t, but you have friends with kids, go spend an hour helping those families go about their days. Bring them lunch, help them clean the house, or suggest a trip to the park. Spread as much positivity today as possible.

Remember Maddie.

Edited to add: Several of us are getting together on April 26th in New York City to walk for Madeline Alice Spohr and the March of Dimes. Please Join us!


  1. I saw this blow through the internet yesterday.

    What a tragic story. May she rest in peace.


  2. Very tasteful and kind.


  3. I do really feel sorry for that little girl and her family. I can’t imagine what they are going through and don’t want to. but i have to add that I’m appalled by some of the bloggers making this about them in hopes of getting some traffic to their site.

    That’s probably going to piss someone off out there but fuck it someone has to say it.


  4. Hi Michelle –
    I just found your site through March of Dimes Moms. I noticed that you have a team for Maddie for the NYC April 26 walk and thought I’d introduce myself. Heather and I used to work together here in NY before she moved back to LA. I’m getting together with some old colleagues to walk in Maddie’s honor as well. I’m sorry I didn’t find your site sooner! If nothing else, maybe we can join forces on the day of the walk – a huge show of support for Heather and Mike and a tribute to little miss Maddie.
    You can reach me at
    Thanks, too, for your lovely post. It’s been amazing to read so many posts about Maddie and how she touched so many lives.
    – Erin


  5. I don’t think anyone is seeking to make Maddie’s death about them. If someone writes about how Maddie’s passing has affected them or brought up a painful memory from their own experiences, that’s their way of dealing with & processing it and they’re certainly entitled to write about this tragedy in any way they choose.

    The commenter (GirlA) who said people are using this terrible event to drive up their stats is a very sad, cynical individual and neither of you are honoring Maddie with such ugly and negative remarks. Shame on you!


  6. Erin: Yes! That would be great. I’d love to meet up and will email you sometime today.

    Disgusted: I didn’t mean to upset you. I can’t speak to what GirlA wrote, but I was referring to a habit I have of trying to identify with someone else’s tragedy using a personal story. And quite frankly, this isn’t pain I understand or ever want to. In the end, after going back and forth trying to decide how to put something up, I wrote the post above. It probably would have made more sense had I explained how I got to here. As it were, I am sorry to have upset you.


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